Details, datasheet, quote on part number: PH9455.155NL
TitleCMC 1.62MH 19A 2 1.8KOHM T/H
CompanyPulse Electronics Power
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PH9455.405NL: CMC 4.5MH 12A 2 4.4KOHM T/H
PH9455.105NL: CMC 1MH 22A 2 1.5KOHM THRU HOLE
PH9455.356NL: CMC 35MH 4A 2 21KOHM THRU HOLE
PH9455.705NL: CMC 6.5MH 9A 2 6.4KOHM THRU HOLE
PH9455.156NL: CMC 15MH 6A 2 10KOHM THRU HOLE
PH9455.826NL: CMC 82MH 3A 2 37KOHM THRU HOLE
PH9455.205NL: CMC 2.2MH 16A 2 2.6KOHM T/H


Features, Applications

Dielectric Strength: 1500Vrms Inductance Range: 1.00mH (at to 82.0mH (at 3.0A) Height: 32.0mm Max Footprint: x 10.0mm Voltage Rating: 250Vac Max

Notes: 1. The current rating (Irated) is based upon the temperature rise of the component and represents the rms current which will cause a typical temperature rise of 55C.

Weight (TYP)...................20grams Tray....................................45/tray Dimensions: mm Unless otherwise specified, all tolerance are 0.25

Current derating Iop/Ir 1.40859 versus ambient temperature Ta 1.254621
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