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DescriptionLaser Diode
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High quality, lightweight & robust design Visible & Infra-red models Variety of wavelength & output power options Line generating screw-on output converters

Now available in the UK and Ireland, Melles Griot Ltd introduces a new range of laser diode modules designed to offer reliability at an affordable price. The standard product is supplied with a moulded aspheric lens producing a high quality beam. Options include high working temperature models (to 60C) and flange mounted variants for ease of installation. Typical Applications include: Featuring:

Positioning Alignment Measurement Bar Code Reading Security Edge detection Target location Fibre optic testing

Reverse polarity protection Low voltage operation On board regulation Output power stabilisation Adjustable optics Wavelength/power options

We can fulfil your laser diode needs from development through to production.

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635 nm Beam output Output power Power stability Wavelength (nm, @ 25C) Beam size (mm) Minimum spot size (m) Beam divergence (mrad) Pointing stability (mrad/C) Bore sighting Operating voltage (VDC) Operating current (mA) Operating temperature (C) Storage temperature (C) Material Flying lead length Finish Typical values quoted unless otherwise stated HE30 Aluminium 300 mm Anodised nm Elliptical 780 nm

Laser Diode Module Unit: mm Line Generating Output Converter Unit: mm
Features of line generator: Simple to mount & adjust Range of fan angles Compact & lightweight

Typical line Typical line thickness at 1m length at 1m Line generating output converter, 3 fan angle Line generating output converter, 12 fan angle Line generating output converter, 22 fan angle 400 mm Product number 58 DOC 003 58 DOC 012 58 DOC 022

645 nm laser diode module 670 nm laser diode module


Diode laser assemblies may emit visible or invisible light which can cause severe damage to the human eye. DO NOT look directly into any laser beam or at any specular reflections from the laser.


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