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Features, Applications

- pushbuttons for standard mounting - pushbuttons for flush mounting - asseccories / spare parts
Typical Applications

General Notes The indicators, illuminated pushbuttons, selector switches, keylock switches and emergency stop switches with spray-water protection at the front (IP 65) are modular and consist of an actuator and switching element. In addition to the standard switching elements (gold-plated silver contact with universal soldering or plug-in terminals), forcedopening, slow-make switching elements with gold or silver contacts and soldering or plug-in terminals are available. They can be supplied with screw terminals and silver contacts too. The front dimensions of the units in this series are x 24 mm, 24 mm dia., x 24 mm, 18 mm dia. For flush mounting the dimensions 25 mm dia., 30 mm and 24 mm can be supplied.

Keylock switch Standard lock (index D) 1 standard number 311. If the lock number is not specified, we will supply no. 311. An additional 134 special locks (index X) are available on request. Master keys for locks no. - 445 may be ordered by quoting no. 31-989.300. Two keys are supplied with each keylock switch. Spare keys for DOM standard locks may be ordered by quoting no. 31-989 (please state the lock number).

Emergency stop switch foolproof with key to unlock Kaba safety lock. Standard lock number is 1001. Locks with other numbers are available on request. Spare keys for KABA locks may be ordered under no. 14-987 (please state the lock number).

Mounting All switch actuators are mounted from the front by pushing them through the mounting hole in the front panel. They are then fixed from the back with a fixing nut and the mounting tool typ no. 01-907. Max. tightening torque 50 Ncm. For mounting dimensions and grid size see as of page 145. The preassembled switching element with the connecting wires in a single plane can be clipped on afterwards. For block or series mounting aids are available. For switching elements with 2.8 mm plug-in terminals, we offer plugin bases, which when soldered to a PCB enable a plug-in connection to the button. All actuators are provided with an anti-rotation device.

Specimen order Indicator complete - indicator complete, soldering terminal, 24 mm Recommended accessories: - lens plastic, x 24 mm, clear - LED, 6 chips, 6 VDC, yellow

Lenses The flat or concave lenses are available in various colours and a transparent or translucent version. The lens surface is non-reflecting (matt). Lenses 19.7 mm dia. can be supplied also in aluminium.

Marking For engraving, hot stamping and film inserts, see page 153 under "Marking".

Illumination The midget-grooved 1 3/4 incandescent lamp 1.2 W) ensures perfect illumination of the lenses, which are supplied in various colours. Midget-grooved 1 3/4 Multi-LED V) are also available in white, red, yellow and green. For supply voltages above it is necessary to use a voltage reduction element (external series resistor, capacitor or transformer). Do not solder the terminals directly, bacause of the high surface temperature.

Position indication When the switch with maintained action is actuated, the lens snaps into place mechanically. The position of contacts can always be determined by the position of the lens.


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