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2W 8 points Solid state­MOSFET to 28.8 VDC 24 VDC 20 VDC, minimum 0.1 VDC, maximum 0.3 10 µA, maximum 8 A for 100 ms, maximum No 500 VAC for 1 minute points Energy dissipation LI2 x switching rate 1 W, all channels L+ minus V 50 µs, maximum

2W 8 points Relay, dry contact to 30 VDC, to 250 VAC 0.002 , maximum when new 7 A with contacts closed M , minimum when new 1500 VAC for 1 minute 750 VAC for 1 minute 4 points ms, maximum 10,000,000 open/close cycles 100,000 open/close cycles 9 mA per output when to 28.8 VDC

Physical Size Dimensions x D) Weight Power loss (dissipation) Output Features Number of outputs Output type Output Voltage Permissible range Rated value Logic 1 signal at maximum current Logic 0 signal with 10 K load Output Current Logic 1 signal Number of outputs groups Number of outputs on (maximum) Per group ­ horizontal mounting (maximum) Per group ­ vertical mounting (maximum) Maximum current per common/group Lamp load ON state resistance (contact resistance) Leakage current per point Surge current Overload protection Isolation Optical isolation (galvanic) Isolation resistance Isolation coil to contact Isolation between open contacts In groups of Inductive Load Clamping Repetitive

Clamp voltage limits Output Delay Off On to Off Relay Switching delay Lifetime mechanical (no load) Lifetime contacts at rated load Cable Length Unshielded Shielded Power Consumption From +5 VDC (from I/O bus) From L+ coil power voltage range

Note: 1. Actual component values may vary. 2. Optional ground.

Note: 1. Actual component values may vary. 2. Connect AC line to the L terminal. 3. Optional ground. 4. Relay coil power M must connect to sensor supply M of CPU.

Connector Terminal Identification for EM222 Digital Output 8 x Relay


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