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FEATURES Dual Serial Input, Voltage Output DACs Single +5 Volt Supply 0.005% THD+N Low Power 115 dB Channel Separation Operates at 8 Oversampling 16-Pin Plastic DIP or SOIC Package APPLICATIONS Multimedia Workstations PC Audio Add-In Boards Portable CD and DAT Players Automotive CD and DAT Players Noise Cancellation

The is a complete dual 16-bit DAC offering excellent performance while requiring a single +5 V power supply. It is fabricated on Analog Devices' ABCMOS wafer fabrication process. The monolithic chip includes CMOS logic elements, bipolar and MOS linear elements and laser trimmed, thinfilm resistor elements. Careful design and layout techniques have resulted in low distortion, low noise, high channel separation and low power dissipation. The DACs on the AD1866 chip employ a partially segmented architecture. The first three MSBs of each DAC are segmented into 7 elements. The 13 LSBs are produced using standard R-2R techniques. The segments and R-2R resistors are laser trimmed to provide extremely low total harmonic distortion. The AD1866 requires no deglitcher or trimming circuitry. Each DAC is equipped with a high performance output amplifier. These amplifiers achieve fast settling and high slew rate, producing 1 V signals at load currents 1 mA. The buffered output signal range 3.5 V. The 2.5 V reference voltages eliminate the need for "false ground" networks. A versatile digital interface allows the to be directly connected to all digital filter chips. Fast CMOS logic elements allow for an input clock rate to 16 MHz. This allows for operation or 16 the sampling frequency (where = 44.1 kHz) for each channel. The digital input pins of the AD1866 are TTL and +5 V CMOS compatible.

*Protected by U.S. Patent Nos: and patents pending.

The AD1866 operates +5 V power supplies. The digital supply, VL, can be separated from the analog supply, VS, for reduced digital feedthrough. Separate analog and digital ground pins are also provided. In systems employing a single +5 volt power supply, VL and VS should be connected together. In battery operated systems, operation will continue even with reduced supply voltage. Typically, the AD1866 dissipates 50 mW. The AD1866 is packaged in either a 16-pin plastic DIP a 16-pin plastic SOIC package. Operation is guaranteed over the temperature range to +85C and over the voltage supply range 5.25 V.

1. Single supply operation 50 mW power dissipation. 3. THD+N is 0.005% (typical). 4. Signal-to-Noise Ratio 95 dB (typical). 115 dB channel separation (typical). 6. Compatible with all digital filter chips. 7. 16-pin DIP and 16-pin SOIC packages. 8. No deglitcher required. 9. No external adjustments required.

Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices.

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Min RESOLUTION DIGITAL INPUTS VIH VIL IIH, VIH = VL IIL, VIL = DGND Maximum Clock Input Frequency ACCURACY Gain Error Gain Matching Midscale Error Midscale Error Matching Gain Linearity Error DRIFT to +70C) Gain Drift Midscale Drift TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION + NOISE 0 dB, AD1866R 20 dB, AD1866R 60 dB, AD1866N AD1866R CHANNEL SEPARATION (1 kHz, 0 dB) SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO (With A-Weight Filter) D-RANGE (With A-Weight Filter) OUTPUT Voltage Output Pins (VOL, VOR) Output Range 3%) Output Impedance Load Current Bias Voltage Pins (VBL, VBR) Output Range Output Impedance POWER SUPPLY Specification, VL and VS Operation, VL and VS +I, VL and 5 V POWER DISSIPATION TEMPERATURE RANGE Operation Storage

Specifications subject to change without notice. Specifications in boldface are tested on all production units at final electrical

Figure 4. Gain Linearity Error vs. Input Amplitude

Figure 6. Power Supply Rejection Ratio vs. Frequency (Supply Modulation Amplitude 500 mV p-p)


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