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DESCRIPTION The AM2729-125 device is a high power silicon bipolar NPN transistor specifically designed for medium pulse S-Band radar output and driver applications. This device is characterized at 50 sec pulse width and 10% duty cycle, but is capable of operation over a range of pulse widths, duty cycles and temperatures. Low RF thermal resistance, refractory/gold metallization and computerized automatic wire bonding techniques ensure high reliability and product consistency (including phase characteristics). The AM2729-125 is supplied in the BIGPACTM Hermetic Metal/Ceramic package with internal Input/Output impedance matching circuitry, and is intended for military and other high reliability applications.

Collector-Supply Voltage* Junction Temperature (Pulsed RF Operation) Storage Temperature
THERMAL DATA RTH(j-c) Junction-Case Thermal Resistance* 0.35 C/W
Symbo l T est Con ditio ns Value Min. Typ. Max. Un it
Symbo l Test Con dition s Value Min. Typ. Max. Unit


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