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DescriptionIc-4mb CMOS EPROM
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s Fast access time ns s Low power consumption 100 A maximum CMOS standby current JEDEC-approved pinout Plug in upgrade of 1 Mbit EPROM and 2 Mbit EPROMs Easy upgrade from 28-pin JEDEC EPROMs s Single +5 V power supply s 10% power supply tolerance standard on most speeds s 100% FlashriteTM programming Typical programming time of 1 minute s Latch-up protected 100 mA from V to VCC High noise immunity s Compact 32-pin DIP, PDIP, PLCC, TSOP packages

The a 4 Mbit ultraviolet erasable programmable read-only memory. It is organized as 512K words by 8 bits per word, operates from a single +5 V supply, has a static standby mode, and features fast single address location programming. Products are available in windowed ceramic DIP packages, as well as plastic one-time programmable (OTP) packages. Typically, any byte can be accessed in less than 90 ns, allowing operation with high-performance microprocessors without any WAIT states. The Am27C040 offers separate Output Enable (OE) and Chip Enable (CE) controls, thus eliminating bus contention in a multiple bus microprocessor system. AMD's CMOS process technology provides high speed, low power, and high noise immunity. Typical power consumption is only mW in active mode, and W in standby mode. All signals are TTL levels, including programming signals. Bit locations may be programmed singly, in blocks, or at random. The Am27C040 supports AMD's Flashrite programming algorithm (100 s pulses) resulting in typical programming time of 1 minute.

VCC VSS VPP OE CE/PGM Output Enable Chip Enable and Prog Logic Y Decoder A0A18 Address Inputs X Decoder Data Outputs DQ0DQ7

Notes: 1. JEDEC nomenclature is in parenthesis. 2. The 32-pin DIP to 32-pin PLCC configuration varies from the JEDEC 28-pin DIP to 32-pin PLCC configuration.

A0A18 CE(E)/PGM (P) DQ0DQ7 OE (G) VCC VPP VSS Address Inputs Chip Enable Input Data Inputs/Outputs Output Enable Input VCC Supply Voltage Program Voltage Input Ground


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