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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers
DescriptionDiode Sot-23
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Features, Applications

FEATURES Small plastic SMD package High switching speed: max. 4 ns Continuous reverse voltage: max. 70 V Repetitive peak reverse voltage: max. 75 V Repetitive peak forward current: max. 450 mA.

PINNING PIN 2 3 DESCRIPTION anode (a1) anode (a2) common cathode

DESCRIPTION The BAV70 consists of two high-speed switching diodes with common cathodes, fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in the small SOT23 plastic SMD package.

APPLICATIONS High-speed switching in thick and thin-film circuits.
Marking code: A4p = made in Hong Kong. A4t = made in Malaysia.

LIMITING VALUES In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 134). SYMBOL Per diode VRRM VR IF repetitive peak reverse voltage continuous reverse voltage continuous forward current single diode loaded; note 1; see Fig.2 double diode loaded; note 1; see Fig.2 IFRM IFSM repetitive peak forward current non-repetitive peak forward current square wave; 25 C prior to surge; see ms t=1s Ptot Tstg Tj Note 1. Device mounted an FR4 printed-circuit board. total power dissipation storage temperature junction temperature Tamb = 25 C; note V mA PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN. MAX. UNIT

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 25 C unless otherwise specified. SYMBOL Per diode VF forward voltage see mA IR reverse current see C Cd trr diode capacitance reverse recovery time = 1 MHz; = 0; see Fig.6 when switched from = 10 mA; 100 ; measured = 1 mA; see Fig.7 when switched from = 10 mA; = 20 ns; see Fig.8 PARAMETER CONDITIONS MAX.

THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS SYMBOL Rth j-tp Rth j-a Note 1. Device mounted an FR4 printed-circuit board. PARAMETER thermal resistance from junction to tie-point thermal resistance from junction to ambient note 1 CONDITIONS VALUE 360 500 UNIT K/W


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