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1.5 GHz Low Noise Silicon MMIC Amplifier Technical Data

Ultra-Miniature Package Single 5 V Supply (30 mA) 22 dB Gain 8 dBm P1dB Unconditionally Stable


Hewlett-Packard's is a Silicon monolithic amplifier that offers excellent gain and power output for applications to 1.5 GHz. Packaged in an ultraminiature SOT-363 package, it requires half the board space a SOT-143 package. The INA-52063 is fabricated using HP's 30 GHz fMAX ISOSATTM Silicon bipolar process which uses nitride self-alignment submicrometer lithography, trench isolation, ion implantation, gold metallization, and polyimide intermetal dielectric and scratch protection to achieve superior performance, uniformity, and reliability.


Amplifier for Cellular, Cordless, Special Mobile Radio, PCS, ISM, Wireless LAN, DBS, TVRO, and TV Tuner Applications

Note: Package marking provides orientation and identification.

Symbol VCC Pin Tj TSTG Parameter Supply Voltage, to Ground CW RF Input Power Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Units V dBm C Absolute to 150 Thermal Resistance[2]: j-c = 170C/W

Notes: 1. Operation of this device above any one of these limits may cause permanent damage. = 25C (TC is defined to be the temperature at the package pins where contact is made to the circuit board)

Symbol P1dB IP3 VSWR ICC d Parameters and Test Conditions Power Gain (|S21|2) Noise Figure Output Power 1 dB Gain Compression Third Order Intercept Point Third Order Intercept Point Input VSWR Output VSWR Device Current Group Delay = 900 MHz = 900 MHz = 900 MHz = 900 MHz = 900 MHz = 2100 MHz = 900 MHz = 900 MHz mA ps Units dB dBm Min. 20 Typ. Max.

Figure 3. Output Power for 1 dB Gain Compression vs. Frequency and Voltage.
Figure 6. Output Power for 1 dB Gain Compression vs. Frequency and Temperature.


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