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Presence Detect Assignments on SIEMENS Memory Modules

Overview: This information note describes the organisation and presence detect assignments used on the SIEMENS memory module families. The SIEMENS memory module families come with present detects standardised by the JEDEC committee. The 72 pin standard SIMM, 72 pin Small-Outline DIMM and 168pin buffered DRAM DIMM modules come with parallel present detects, implemented by zero Ohm resistors, where the unbuffered 168pin DRAM and SDRAM module and 144 pin Small Outline DRAM and SDRAM families use a 256 byte serial EEPROM, where the information about the module configuration is stored. The following table lists the different presence detect schemes used for the various SIEMENS modules families:

Parallel Presence detects Serial Presence Detects 4 pins 8 pins 10 pins 256 byte EEPROM 256 Byte EEPROM

72 pin SIMM Modules 72 pin Small-Outline DIMM Modules 168 pin buffered DIMM modules 168 pin unbuffered DIMM modules 144 pin Small-Outline DIMM modules

This module family use four present detect pins pin 67 to pin 70 on the module card, where the memory capacity and speed of the module can be detected. Pin 67 (PD0) and pin 68 (PD1) encodes the memory capacity, pin 69 (PD2) and pin 70 (PD3) encodes the speed sort of the module. Note that there is no present detect assignment for Fast Page Mode or EDO and the data path with x36) or other special features. For differentiation SIEMENS EDO modules have a silver sticker - ,,EDO" - labeled on one of the DRAMs. The following table shows the decoding of the presence detects:

PD-pin PD0 PD1 Pinnumber 68 4MByte module VSS 8MByte module N.C. 16MByte module Vss N.C. 32MByte module N.C. Vss

The following table shows the speed sort selection :

This module family - especially designed for laptop and notebook computers and all other applications where realestate is an issue- comes with 7 parallel presence detect pins. In addition to 4 PDpins to PD3) for the module configuration and number of banks, two pins for speed selection, pin (PD7) gives information if the module supports normal refresh or self refresh (long retention) operation:

16MByte module in 1 bank & 4Mx16 based N.C. Vss N.C. 32MByte module in 1 bank 8Mx8 based Vss N.C. 32MByte module in 2 banks 4Mx16 based N.C. Vss

The speed selection follows the same schema in 72 pin SIMM Modules. PD5 and PD6 are used to select for the module speed:

Pin 71 (PD7) select for standard and self refresh / long retention:
PD-pin PD7 Pin-Number 71 Standard Refresh N.C. Self Refresh/ Long Retention Vss

Since this module family has no PD for Fast Page Mode / EDO differentiation, all SIEMENS EDO modules come with a silber sticker labelled on one of the DRAM devices.


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