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DESCRIPTION The is an octal low side solenoid driver rea lized in Multipower-BCD technology particularly suited for driving lamps, relays and solenoids in auBLOCK DIAGRAM

tomotive environment. The DMOS outpts L9822N has a very low power consumption. Data is transmitted serially to the device using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocol. The L9822N features the outputsstatus monitoring function.

Symbol VCC II DC Logic Supply Output Voltage Input Transient Current (CE, SI, SCLK, RESET, SO) : Duration Time VI > VCC Junction and Storage Temperature Range Parameter Value 7 40 Unit V

Symbol R th j-case R th j-amb Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-Case Thermal Resistance Junction-Ambient Max. Value 1.5 60 Unit C/W

PIN DESCRIPTION VCC Logic supply voltage - nominally 5V GROUND Device Ground.This groundapplies for the logic circuits as well as the power output stages. RESET Asynchronousreset for the outputstages,the parallel latch and the shift register inside the L9822NSP. This pin is active low and it must not be left floating. A power on clear function may be implementedconnecting this pin to VCC with an external resistor and to ground with an external capacitor. CE Chip Enable. Data is transferred from the shift registers to the outputs on the rising edge of this signal. The falling edge of this signal sets the shift register with the output voltage sense bits coming from the output stages. The output driver for the SO pin is enabled when this pin is low. SO Serial Output. This pin is the serial output from the shift register and it is tri-stated when CE is high. A high for a data bit on this pin indicates that the particular output is high. A low on this pin for a data bit indicates that the output is low. Comparing the serial output bits with the previous serial input bits the external microcontroller implements the diagnostic data supplied by the L9822. SI Serial Input. This pin is the serial data input. A high on thispin will programa particularoutputto be OFF, while a low will turn it ON. SCLK Serial Clock. This pin clocks the shift register. New SO data will appear on every rising edge of this pin and new SI data will be latched on every SCLK's falling edge into the shift register. OUTPUTS 00-07 Power output pins. The input and outputbits correspondingto 07 are sent and received first via the SPI bus and 00 is the last. The outputs are provided with current limiting and voltage sense functions for fault indication and protection. The nominal load current for these outputs is 500mA. The outputs also have on board clamps set at about 36V for recirculation of inductive load current.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC 125C ; unless otherwise speciifed)

Symbol VOC EOC IOFF R DSon Parameter Output Clamping Volt. Out. Clamping Energy Out. Leakage Current On Resistance Test Conditions = 0.5A, Output Programmed OFF = 0.5A, When = 24V, Output Progr. OFF Output Progr. = 1A With Fault Reset Disabled 500mA No Reactive Load 500mA No Reactive Load Output Progr. OFF Fault detected VO > VOREF See fig. Min. Typ. 35 Max. 40 Unit V s

Turn-on Delay Turn-off Delay Fault Refer. Voltage Fault Reset Delay (after to H transition) Output OFF Voltage


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