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DescriptionOmron Ly2-0-220vac Relais
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Features, Applications

Type Contact form Plug-in/solder terminals Plug-in/solder terminals with indicator PCB terminals Upper-mounting Plug-in/solder terminals

With built-in CR (AC only) With built-in varister (AC only)
Type Contact form Plug-in/solder terminals Plug-in/solder terminals with indicator PCB terminals

1. When ordering, add the rated coil voltage to the model number. Rated coil voltages are given in the coil ratings table. Example: LY2, 6 VAC Rated coil voltage 2. Relays with #187 quick connect terminals are also available with SPDT and DPDT contact. Ask you OMRON representative for details. 3. SEV models are standard relays only. Relays with built-in varisters have not met overseas standards. 4. VDE- or LR- qualifying relays must be specified when ordering.

Poles 3 4 Note: Front-connecting socket DIN rail/screw terminals PT11 PT14 Solder terminals Back-connecting socket Wrapping terminals PT11QN PT14QN PCB terminals PT11-0 PT14-0

1. For PTF08-E and PTF14A-E, see "Track Mounted Socket". 2. PTFjAY (-E) sockets have met UL and CSA standards: 508/CSA C22.2.

Socket model PT14 PT14QN For 1 socket PTP-1 PTP-10 For 10 sockets PTP-12 For 12 sockets For 18 sockets PYP-18

Relay type Standard, bifurcated contacts operation indicator, built-in diode, or high-humidity LY2N-D4 Test button Poles CR circuit Built-in varister 2 4 Front-connecting sockets Socket model Y92H-3 PYC-A1 Clip model PYC-A1 Back-connecting sockets Socket model PYC-1 PYC-P2 Clip model PYC-P


Rated voltage Rated current Coil resistance Inductance (reference value) Arm. OFF 45.6 H Arm. H 10% min. VA (60 Hz) 80% max. Must operate voltage Must release voltage Max. voltage Power consum. (approx.)


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