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DescriptionCrystal SMD 12.000000mhz
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Features, Applications

High-density mounting-type SMD. Excellent heat-resistance and environment capability. Capable of covering a wide range of frequency range from 4.0 MHz to 64 MHz.

Item Symbol f TSTG TOPR GL DL TSOL f/f Specifications 4.000 MHz to 30.000 MHz 26.000 MHz to 64.000 MHz +70C 2mW max. to 100W Twice at under 260C within 10 sec. or under 230C within 3 min. 50ppm Under 5.5 MHz: 50ppm Over 5.5 MHz: S. R. Fundamental: 10pF to. Over tone: +70C, DL=100W Please specify Ta=25C3C, DL=100W Only crystal oscillation is guaranteed 1 Remarks Fundamental mode 3rd overtone mode Stored as bare product after unpacking

Nominal frequency range Temperature range Drive level Storage temperature Operating temperature Maximum drive level

Soldering condition Frequency tolerance (standard) Frequency temperature characteristics (standard) Load capacitance Series resistance Shunt capacitance Insulation resistance Aging Shock resistance

As per below table 5pF max. 500 M min. 5ppm/year max. 10ppm max.
Three drops on a hard board from cm or excitation test with 1/ 2 sine wave x 3 directions

1 8.0 MHz < 8.2 MHz: Unavailable. For frequencies below 5.5 MHz, see "Available frequencies from 4.0 MHz to less than 5.5 MHz" on page 20.

Do not connect #2 and MA-506 to external device. MA-505 The first digit of lot No. means: 6XXXX MA-506


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