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Advanced Medium Voltage IF and C-QUAM® AM Stereo Decoder with FM Amplifier and AM/FM Internal Switch

The is a third generation C­QUAM stereo decoder targeted for use in medium voltage, CD/Cassette, Mini­Component, and Hi­Fi AM/FM Electronically Tuned radio applications. Advanced features include a signal quality detector that analyzes signal strength, signal to noise ratio, and stereo pilot tone before switching to the stereo mode. A "blend function" has been added to improve the transition from both mono to stereo and stereo to mono. The audio output level is adjustable to allow easy interface with a variety of AM/FM tuner chips. The IC further includes an AM/FM switch, an audio mute and internal high pass filtering on AM. The external components have been minimized to keep the total system cost low. Operation From 12 V Supply

IF Amplifier with IF AGC Circuit Single Pin­Out, Temperature Compensated VCO Shut Down Mode at Weak Signal Condition Precision Pilot Tone Detector Stereo Blend Function Forced Mono Function Adjustable Audio Output Level AM/FM Switch Separate AM De­Emphasis Mute Function Internal AM High Pass Filters

AM/FM Switch AGC Bypass Filter IF Feedback Bypass IF Signal Input FM Left Input 19 FM Right Input 18 To Radio Mute Right Audio 17 Output 16 Left Audio Output 15 VCC AM Right Chan 14 De­Emphasis 13 AM Left Chan De­Emphasis 12 Loop Filter 11 VCO Output (Top View)

Gnd 5 Stereo Indicator Drive 6 Blend 1.0 V Reference 8 Pilot I Detector 9 Output Pilot Q Detector 10 Output

Mute 1/8 Hi­Pass Filter IF Amp AM Stereo Decoder Pilot Tone Pre­Filter AGC Signal Quality Detector Reg

Device MC13029ADW MC13029AH Pilot Tone Detector Operating Temperature Range to +70°C Package SO­20 DIP­20

The purchase of the Motorola C­QUAM® AM Stereo Decoder does not carry with such purchase any license by implication, estoppel or otherwise, under any patent rights of Motorola or others covering any combination of this decoder with other elements including use in a radio receiver. Upon application by an interested party, licenses are available from Motorola on its patents applicable to AM Stereo radio receivers. © Motorola, Inc. 1996

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. IC DEVICE DATA MOTOROLA ANALOG

Rating Symbol VCC TJ Value 14 Unit Vdc °C Power Supply Input Voltage Operating Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature Range LED Indicator Current to +70 Tstg +150 10 ILED mA

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 5.0 Vdc, = 25°C, Input Signal Level = 74 dBµV, Modulating

Signal = 1.0 kHz @ 50% Modulation, Test Circuit of Figure 1, unless otherwise noted.) Characteristic Supply Current Drain VCC 12 V VCC 5.0 V Audio Output Level, L+R, Mono Modulation 3.9 k Audio Output Level, L only or R Only, Stereo Modulation 3.9 k Output THD Stereo, or R Only Mono, L+R Channel Separation, or R Only Decoder Input Sensitivity, Vout ­10 dB Force to Mono Mode, at Pin 10 Signal to Noise Ratio Stereo, or R Only, 1.0 kHz Mono, 50%, L+R, 1.0 kHz Input Impedance (Reference Specification) Blend Voltage Mono Mode Stereo Mode Out of Lock VCO Lock Range AGC Range Channel Balance Pilot Sensitivity Symbol ICC ­ 9.0 Vout mVrms or L Vin ­ S/N 40 Rin Cin 1.2 ­ OSCtun AGCrng C­B kHz k pF Vdc dB dBµV Vdc dB Min Typ Max Unit mA


Characteristic FM Switch Nominal Audio Input VCC 5.0 V Signal to Noise Ratio (FM Audio Input = 200 mVrms) Channel Separation, or R Only Output THD FM Audio Input = 200 mVrms FM Audio Input = 500 mVrms AM/FM Switch Input (Pin 1) AM Mode FM Mode Mute Threshold (Pin 18) Mute On Mute Off Symbol Vin S/N THD1 THD2 Vdc Min Typ Max Vdc Unit mVpp dB %

VCC Input for Ripple Rejection Tests 51 Audio Input for Ripple Rejection Tests FM In Left Right
Enable Stereo w/o Pilot Normal Forced Stereo 10 µF Normal 1.25 V Nom 1.5 V


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