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The is a dual conversion AM receiver designed for car radio applications. It includes a high dynamic range first mixer, local oscillator, second mixer and second oscillator, and a high gain AGC'd IF and detector. Also included is a signal strength output, two delayed RF AGC outputs for a cascode FET/bipolar RF amplifier and diode attenuator, a buffered IF output stage and a first local oscillator output buffer for driving a synthesizer. Frequency range of the first mixer and oscillator is 100 kHz to 50 MHz. Applications include single band and multi­band car radio receivers, and shortwave receivers. Operation from to 9.0 Vdc

First Mixer, 3rd Order Intercept = 20 dBm Buffered First Oscillator Output Second Mixer, 3rd Order Intercept = +5.0 dBm No Internal Beats Between 1st and 2nd Oscillator Harmonics Signal Strength Output Limited 2nd IF Output for Frequency Counter Station Detector Adjustable IF Output Station Detector Level Adjustable RF AGC Threshold for Both Mixer Inputs Two Delayed AGC Outputs for Cascode RF Stage and Diode Attenuator

In RF Gnd FET RF AGC AGC2 RF AGC Adj Mix1 RF AGC Adj SD Level IF Gnd VCO Out 28 VCO 27 VCO Ref 26 Mix1 Out 25 Mix1 Out 24 Vref 22 Mix2 Out 21 Mix2 Out 20 Xtal Osc E 19 Xtal Osc In 17 Det Vref 16 Det In 15 (Top View)

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice.

Rating Power Supply Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Junction Temperature

Signal Strength Output VCO Buffer Output SD Output Level MIXER1 Input Resistance Third Order Intercept Point Conversion Transconductance Total Collector Current Input IF Rejection MIXER2 Input Resistance Third Order Intercept Point Conversion Transconductance Total Collector Current VCO Minimum Oscillator Coil Parallel Impedance Buffer Output Level Stray Capacitance IF AMPLIFIER Input Resistance Transconductance Maximum Input Level Minimum Detector Coil Parallel Impedance RF Output Level Audio Output Impedance Audio Output Level

NOTES: 1. The transformers used for at the output of the mixers are wideband 1:4 impedance ratio. The secondary load is the 50 input of the spectrum analyzer, so the impedance across the collectors of the mixer output 200. 2. Since the VCO frequency is not critical for this measurement, a fixed tuned oscillator tuned to 11.7 MHz is used. This gives an input frequency of 1.0 MHz. 3. The detector coil is loaded with 10 k resistor to reduce the tuned circuit Q and to present 10 k load to the IF output for determination of IF transconductance. 4. The RF AGC current, S output current and Pin 6 current are measured by connecting a current measuring meter to these pins, so they are effectively shorted to ground. 5. SD adjust is adjusted by connecting a power supply or potentiometer and voltmeter to Pin 8.

The MC13030 contains all the necessary active circuits for an AM car radio or shortwave receiver. The first mixer is a multiplier with emitter resistors in the lower, signal input transistors to give a high dynamic range. It is internally connected to the first oscillator (VCO). The input pins are 1 and 2. The input can be to either Pins 2, or balanced. These pins are internally biased, a dc path between them is allowable but not necessary. The mixer outputs are open collectors on Pins 25 and 26. They are normally connected to a tuned transformer. The first oscillator on Pin is a negative resistance type with automatic level control. The level is low so the signal does not modulate the tuning diode capacitance and cause MOTOROLA ANALOG IC DEVICE DATA distortion. Pin 26 is the reference voltage for the oscillator coil. This reference is also the supply for the mixer circuits. The upper bases of the mixer are 0.7 V below this reference. The second mixer is similar to the first, but it is single­ ended input on Pin 22. Its outputs are open collectors on Pins 20 and 21 which are connected to a tuned transformer. The dynamic range of this mixer is less than the first. It is also connected internally to an oscillator which is normally crystal controlled. The oscillator is a standard Colpitts type with the emitter on Pin 19 and the base on Pin 18. The IF amplifier input is Pin 17. The AGC operates on the input stage to obtain maximum dynamic range and minimum distortion. The IF output, Pin is a current source. 3


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