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This device is a rugged and versatile power amplifier in a remarkable plastic power package. Supply Voltages from 6.0 Vdc to 35 Vdc

2.0 W Output @ 70°C Ambient on PC Board with Good Copper Ground Plane Self Protecting Thermal Shutdown Easy to Apply, Few Components Gain Externally Determined Output is Independent of Supply Voltage Over a Wide Range

Figure 2. Thermal Resistance & Maximum Power Dissipation versus PC Board Copper

Rating Power Supply Voltage Audio Input, Pin 5 Thermal Resistance, Junction to Air Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range RJA RJC TJ TA Tstg Symbol VCC Value to +150 Unit V Vpp °C/W °C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = 25°C, circuit of Figure 3, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristics AUDIO SECTION Power Supply Current, No Signal Gain Distortion 62.5 mW Output, 1.0 kHz Distortion 900 mW Output, 1.0 kHz Quiescent Output Voltage, No Signal Input Bias Input Resistance Output Noise to 15 kHz) Input 50 ICC Ao THD VPin 1 VPin 5, VPin 8 Rin, Pin 5 Vout mAdc V/V % Vdc k mVrms Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

The is a quasi­complementary audio power amplifier, mounted in the SOP 8 (power SOIC package). It is well suited to a variety 1.0 W and 2.0 W applications in radio, TV, intercom, and other speaker driving tasks. It requires the usual external components for high frequency stability and for gain adjustment. The output signal voltage and the power supply drain current are very linearly related, as shown in Figure 5. Both are quite constant over wide variation of the power supply voltage (above minimum VCC for clipping, of course). The amplifier can best be described as a voltage source with about 1.0 App capability. On a good heatsink, it can deliver over at 70°C ambient. The MC13060 will automatically go into shutdown at a die temperature of about 150°C, effectively protecting itself, even on fairly stiff power supplies. This eliminates the need for decoupling the power supply, which degrades performance and requires extra components. Input Pins 5 and 8 are internally biased at 0.7 Vdc and should not be driven below ground.

All Curves Taken in the Test Circuit of Figure 3, Unless Otherwise Noted. Figure 4. Quiescent Supply Current and Output Voltage versus Supply Voltage



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