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The is a high quality RGB/YUV to NTSC/PAL encoder with Composite Video and S­Video outputs. The IC integrates the color difference and luma matrix circuitry, chroma modulators, subcarrier oscillator, and logic circuitry to encode component video into a composite video signal compatible with the NTSC/PAL standards. The IC operates off a standard 5.0 V supply and typically requires less than 75 mA, making it useful in PC environments. The high degree of integration saves board space and cost, as only passive external components are required for operation. The IC is manufactured using Motorola's MOSAICTM process and is available a 20 pin DIP or SOIC package. Single 5.0 V Supply

Composite Output S­Video Outputs PAL/NTSC Switchable PAL Squarewave Output PAL Sequence Resettable Internal/External Burst Flag Digitally Determined Modulator Axes Subcarrier Reference Drive Selectable

Device MC13077DW MC13077P Operating Temperature Range to +70°C Package SO­20L Plastic DIP

3.58/4.43 MHz 9 In/ PLL Off Red 1.0 µ Green 1.0 µ Blue 1.0 µ R­Y Burst Flag B­Y Burst Flag Color Difference R­Y B­Y R­Y and B­Y Clamp Luma Matrix Sync Yin

19 PAL Squarewave Out/ Force NTSC 4 75 Chroma S­Video Luma S­Video Comp Video 1.0 k Chroma BPF 1.1 k

Rating Supply Voltage Storage Temperature Operating Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Symbol VCC Tstg TJ TA Value + 70 Unit V °C

Characteristic Supply Voltage Sync Input Threshold Equivalent (See Figure 2) Pulse Width G, B Input (Amplitude for 100% Saturated Video) R­Y Input Amplitude at Pin 16 (for 100% Saturated Video) B­Y Input Amplitude at Pin 15 (for 100% Saturated Video) Y Input Amplitude (without sync) at Pins 13, 14 (for 100% Saturated Video) Y Input Amplitude (with sync) at Delay Line External 4x Subcarrier Input to Pin 8 (If crystal is not used) External Subcarrier Input to Pin 9 Lock Range (with 4x Subcarrier Crystal specified) at Subcarrier Frequency Burst Flag Input Threshold (Pin 18) NTSC/PAL Select (Pin 19) PAL Switching Amplitude: High PAL Switching Amplitude: Low NTSC Select Threshold Min Typ to Max Unit Vdc µs Vpp mVpp

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = 25°C, VCC = 5.0 Vdc, test circuit of Figure 1.)

Characteristic Supply Current (150 Load on Output Pins) Color Burst Amplitude Line­to­Line Burst Amplitude Deviation Start after leading edge of Sync: NTSC (3.579 MHz) Start after leading edge of Sync: PAL (4.43 MHz) Duration: NTSC (3.579 MHz) Duration: PAL (4.43 MHz) PAL Burst Phase: Line n PAL Burst Phase: Line n+1 NTSC Burst Phase Subcarrier Leakage in Black White (100% white) Composite Video Output (100% saturated output) Sync Amplitude Line­to­Line Sync Amplitude Deviation (PAL) Luminance Amplitude Error Line­to­Line Luminance Amplitude Deviation (PAL) Chrominance Amplitude Error Line­to­Line Chroma Amplitude Deviation (PAL) Chrominance Phase Error Line­to­Line Chrominance Phase Error (PAL) Black Level (RGB at Black during Blanking Intervals) Sync Tip Clamp Level above Ground Pin 1 Min Typ 5.4 to Max Unit mA mVpp mV µs Cycles Degrees

Characteristic Luma S­Video Output Sync Amplitude Line­to­Line Sync Amplitude Deviation (PAL) Luminance Amplitude Error Line­to­Line Luminance Amplitude Deviation (PAL) Black Level Sync Tip Clamp Level above Ground Chroma S­Video Output Chrominance Amplitude Error Line­to­Line Chrominance Amplitude Deviation (PAL) Chrominance Phase Error Black Level Pin Min Typ Max Unit mVpp mV % mVpp mV

Burst Flag Out/ 18 Force Burst Flag
R­Y Burst Flag B­Y Burst Flag R­Y B­Y Sync B­Y Clamp R­Y Clamp Sync Input Luma Clamp


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