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Multimode Color Monitor Horizontal, Vertical, and Video Combination Processor

The MC13081X includes all the signal processing functions for a scan frequency agile and multiple sync system analog RGB monitor and includes the following functions: Automatic Horizontal Frequency Tracking of All Commonly Used Personal Computers, Continuously Adaptable from 30 kHz to 64 kHz Sync­on­Green Detection

Vertical Timebase Operates from 100 Hz Vertical and Horizontal Sync Polarity Detection with Outputs for Mode Switching Video Pre­Amplifiers Typical Rise/Fall Time at 3.0 Vpp Output Voltage Swing Overall Contrast Control and Independent RGB Gain Controls

Device MC13081XB Operating Temperature Range to +70°C Package Plastic SDIP

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. MOTOROLA ANALOG IC DEVICE DATA © Motorola, Inc. 1996 Rev 0

TTL V­Sync H­Sync 4 5 CVS 6 V­Sync Polar Det 53 H­Sync Polar Det 54 Vosc Vert Hold 2 1 Vert Ramp Cap 51 Vert Size 52 Vert Ramp 48

V­Sync 55 Hori Position Adjust 5 Count Latch 1 Blanking Ramp 1 2 Phase Detector 45 PD2F H­Flyback
#1 Ramp Generator 1/8 Line Shift Horizontal Driver

11 AFC 64 Divider and Clamp Pulse Decoder 12 Hori Freq Control 56 Timebase VCC 5 V Regulator 13 Timebase Gnd 14 FHA Switch FHA Threshold FHB Switch 17 FHB Threshold 23 Clamp Pulse Position SOG Detector 25 Channel 2 Video In Channel 15 16 Channel 2 Channel 1 64x Oscillator #2 Ramp Generator Ramp 2 3

Rating Power Supply Voltage Video Section VCC1 Timebase Section VCC2 Brightness, Contrast, Horizontal Flyback Input, Frequency Switch when Off X­Ray Shutdown Subcontrast RGB Controls Horizontal Drive Width, Horizontal Position Voltage on Horizontal Drive when Off, Vertical TTL Sync Input, Horizontal TTL Sync Input, Composite Video Sync Input, Video Amplifier Output Collectors Current into Horizontal Drive when On Current into Frequency Switch when On Video Amplifier Inputs Video Amplifier Output Current (Total for the Three Channels) Storage Temperature Junction Temperature

Characteristic Power Supply Voltage Video Section VCC1 Timebase Section VCC2 Power Supply Voltage Difference, ­ VCC1 Internal 5.0 V Regulator Output Current Contrast Control Brightness Control Subcontrast Control Horizontal Drive Width Adjust Horizontal Position Adjust Horizontal Flyback Signal Amplitude Horizontal Flyback Signal DC Input Voltage Level Voltage on Horizontal Drive Collector when "Off" Current into Horizontal Drive Collector when "On" Voltage on Horizontal Drive Emitter W.R.T. Circuit Ground Blanking Input Signal Amplitude Voltage on FH Switches when "Off" Current into each FH Switch when "On" X­Ray Shutdown Composite Video Sync Input Vertical Sync Frequency Horizontal Sync Frequency Vertical Sync Pulse Width Horizontal Sync Pulse Width Pin Min Typ Max VCC Vdc mA Vdc V Vdc V mA Vdc V Vdc mA Vdc Vpp Hz kHz µs Unit Vdc


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