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The MC13111 integrates several of the functions required for a cordless telephone into a single integrated circuit. This significantly reduces component count, board space requirements, external adjustments, and lowers overall costs. It is designed for use in both the handset and the base. Dual Conversion FM Receiver Complete Dual Conversion Receiver Antenna In to Audio Out 80 MHz Maximum Carrier Frequency RSSI Output Carrier Detect Output with Programmable Threshold Comparator for Data Recovery Operates with Either a Quad Coil or Ceramic Discriminator Compander Expandor Includes Mute, Digital Volume Control, Speaker Driver, 3.5 kHz Low Pass Filter, and Programmable Gain Block Compressor Includes Mute, 3.5 kHz Low Pass Filter, Limiter, and Programmable Gain Block Dual Universal Programmable PLL Supports New 25 Channel U.S. Standard with No External Switches Universal Design for Domestic and Foreign CT1 Standards Digitally Controlled Via a Serial Interface Port Receive Side Includes 1st LO VCO, Phase Detector, and 14Bit Programmable Counter and 2nd LO with 12Bit Counter Transmit Section Contains Phase Detector and 14Bit Counter MPU Clock Outputs Eliminates Need for MPU Crystal Supply Voltage Monitor Provides Two Levels of Monitoring with Separate Outputs Separate, Adjustable Trip Points Programmable Corner Frequency Selection

MC13111 is PinforPin Compatible with 5.5 V Operation with OneThird the Power Consumption of Competing Devices AN1575: Refer to this Application Note for a List of the "Worldwide Cordless Telephone Frequencies" (List can also be found in Chapter 8 Addendum of DL128 Data Book) Simplified Application

Rx PD Out PD In Carrier Detect In Tx Out Tx VCO Tx Phase Detector This device contains 8,262 active transistors.

Device MC13111FB Tested Operating Temperature Range to +85C Package QFP52

49.9 0.1 Lim 332 0.01 Out 0.1 Mix 1 Mix 1 Mix1 Gnd Mix 2 Mix 2 SGnd Lim VCC Lim In 2 Out C Q Coil Out RF 1st Mixer RSSI 1st LO VCO LO Rx Mute LPF Rx Gain Adjust LO 22 Speaker Mute 45 Expandor E Out 46 Vol Control 10.240 12b Prog 25 Ref 4.0 Ctr LO Rx Phase Detector Tx Phase Detector 7 Gnd PLL 8 14b Prog Rx Ctr Compressor CCap 1.5 V Vref Reg V 14b Prog Tx Ctr P Serial Interface ALC Tx Mute Limiter LPF 18 Tx Gain Adjust 17 16 Low Battery Data Detect Amp Prog Clk Ctr 15 14 Carrier Detect VCCA E Cap In 0.1 Scr Out 0.047 1 Ref 1 Ref 20 6b Prog SC Clock Ctr Divide 2.0 SC Filter Clock Mic Amp 21 AALPF DA In Det Out k Rx Audio In 0.1 VCC Audio Tx In Amp 49.9 k Out In C Cap 0.1 Tx Out BD2 Out DA Out BD1 Out 3.01 k VCC 100 k Carrier Detect Out Tx VCO CC BD2 Out Data Out BD1 Out 0.1 VCCA 1000 2nd Mixer IF Amp/Limiter Detector RSSI CF1 10.7 MHz CF2 455 kHz 33 V Cap Ctrl 43 SA Out 49.9 k Speaker Amp F 110 Gnd Audio LO 1 Out PLL LO 2 Vag Rx Vref PD Out 10.240 MHz F Tx Data EN Clk CD Out VCO Out 0.01 MPU Clock Output NOTE: This schematic is only a representation of the actual production test circuit.

Characteristic Symbol VCC TJ Value Unit Vdc C Power Supply Voltage Junction Temperature to +150

NOTES: 1. Devices should not be operated at these limits. The "Recommended Operating Conditions" provide for actual device operation. 2. ESD data available upon request.

Characteristic Supply Voltage Operating Ambient Temperature Input Voltage Low (Data, Clk, EN) Input Voltage High (Data, Clk, EN) Output Current (Rx PD, Tx PD) High Low

DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 25C, unless otherwise specified;

Test Circuit Figure 1.) Characteristic Static Current Active Mode (2.7 V) Active Mode Receive Mode Standby Mode Inactive Mode Symbol ACT ICC ACT ICC Rx ICC STD ICC INACT ICC Min Typ Max Unit mA A

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 25C, Active or Rx Mode, unless otherwise specified;

Test Circuit Figure 1.) Characteristic PLL VOLTAGE REGULATOR Regulated Output Level Line Regulation Load Regulation = 0 mA, VCC 5.5 V VCC mA VCC Audio VCC Audio PLL Vref PLL Vref PLL Vref VO VReg Line VReg Load V mV Condition Input Pin Measure Pin Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

PLL LOOP CHARACTERISTICS 2nd LO Frequency (No Crystal) 2nd LO Frequency (With Crystal) Tx VCO (Input Frequency) Vin = 200 mVpp In LO2 Out Tx VCO f2ext ftxmax MHz


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