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The MC13027 and MC13122 have been specifically designed for AM radio which can meet the EIA/NAB AMAX requirements. They are essentially the same as the MC13022A and MC13025 with the addition of noise blanking circuitry. The noise blanker consists of a wide band amplifier with an RF switch for blanking ahead the IF amplifier and a stereo audio blanker with adjustable delay and blanking times. Operating Voltage Range 10 V

RF Blanker with Built­In Wide Band AGC Amplifier Audio Noise Blanker with Audio Track and Hold Mixer Third Order Intercept of 8.0 dBm (115 dBµV) Wide Band AGC Detector for RF Amplifier Local Oscillator VCO Divide­by­4 for Better Phase Noise Buffered Local Oscillator Output at the Fundamental Frequency Fast Stereo Decoder Lock Soft Stereo Blend Signal Quality Detector to Control Variable Q­Notch Filters for Adaptive Audio Bandwidth and Whistle Reduction Signal Quality Detector for AM Stereo Very Low Distortion Envelope and Synchronous Detectors Variable Bandwidth IF ORDERING INFORMATION

Device = ­40 Operating Temperature Range Package SO­20L Plastic DIP SO­28L Plastic DIP

450 kHz IF Mixer IF Amplifier RF Blanking Shunt Switch IF Amplifier AGC Fast AGC Control Decoder R 450 kHz Blend cos Fast Lock Pilot Control Detector Q Stereo Indicator Lamp Fast/ Slow Pulse Delay Timer Pulse Length Timer I Signal Level Yes/No Signal Quality Detector Stop­Sense RF AGC Meter Drive Audio Blanking L

Pulse Length Timer AM Detector RF Input Automatic Gain Controlled RF Amplifier Pulse Detector

This document contains information on a product under development. Motorola reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice.

Rating Power Supply Input Voltage Ambient Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature

MC13027 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA 25°C, 8.0 VCC Test Circuit as shown in Figure 1.)

Characteristic Supply Voltage Range (Pin 8) Wideband (WB) AGC Threshold IF Output DC Current Mixer DC Current Output Local Oscillator Output Wideband AGC Pull­Down Current (Pin 20) Power Supply Current Mixer 3rd Order Intercept Point (Pin 6) Mixer Conversion Gain IF Amplifier Input Impedance (Pin 14) IF Amplifier Transconductance IF Amplifier Load Resistance (Pin 16) IF Amplifier Collector Current (Pin 16) Min Typ 6.0 to Max Unit V mVrms mAdc mVpp mAdc dBm k µA

Audio 19 Blank Time Audio 18 Blank Pulse Audio Blank 17 Delay Time IF Out 16


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