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Advance Information 100 MHz Video Processor with OSD Interface

The is a three channel wideband amplifier designed for use as a video pre­amp in high resolution RGB color monitors. Features:

4.0 Vpp Output with 100 MHz Bandwidth 3.5 ns Rise/Fall Time Subcontrast Control for Each Channel Blanking and Clamping Inputs Contrast Control OSD Interface with 50 MHz Bandwidth OSD Contrast Control Package: NDIP­24

Rating Power Supply Voltage ­ VCC Power Supply Voltage ­ Video VCC Voltage at Video Amplifier Inputs Collector­Emitter Current (Three Channels) Storage Temperature Junction Temperature Pin Value to +150 Unit Vdc mA °C

R Subcontrast 1 R Input 2 G Subcontrast 3 G Input 4 B Subcontrast 5 24 Blank 23 Clamp 22 R Emitter 21 R Clamp V5 G Emitter 18 G Clamp 17 Video VCC 16 B Clamp 15 B Emitter 14 Fast Commutate 13 Contrast (Top View)

NOTES: 1. Devices should not be operated at these limits. Refer to "Recommended Operating Conditions" section for actual device operation. 2. ESD data available upon request.

Characteristic Power Supply Voltage Contrast Control Subcontrast Control Blanking Input Signal Amplitude Clamping Input Signal Amplitude Video Signal Amplitude (with 75 Termination) OSD Signal Input Collector­Emitter Current (Total for Three Channels) Clamping Pulse Width Operating Ambient Temperature Pin Min Typ TTL ­ Max Unit Vdc V Vpp ns °C

Device MC13282AP Operating Temperature Range to +70°C Package Plastic DIP

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. MOTOROLA ANALOG IC DEVICE DATA

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Refer to Test Circuit Figure = 25°C, VCC = 8.0 Vdc.)

Characteristic Input Impedance Internal DC Bias Voltage Output Signal Amplitude Voltage Gain Contrast Control Subcontrast Control Emitter DC Level Blanking Input Threshold Clamping Input Threshold Video Rise Time Video Fall Time Video Bandwidth = 0.7 Vpp = 0.7 Vpp Vout Vpp = 0.7 Vpp V12 = TTL Level V12 = TTL Level V ­ VCC, Video VCC 19, 22 Condition ­ Pin 4, 6 Min Typ Max MHz Unit k Vdc Vpp V/V dB Vdc V ns

OSD Rise Time OSD Fall Time OSD Bandwidth OSD Propagation Delay Power Supply Current

It is recommended to use a double sided PCB layout for high frequency measurement (e.g., rise/fall time, bandwidth).

G Input 4 GOSD 10 Clamp Blank Decoder G Subcontrast 3 Contrast and Subcontrast Control Processor G Emitter 19 Blank 24 Clamp 23 G Channel B Clamp 16 OSD Contrast Vref1 Vref2

B Input 6 BOSD 12 B Channel B Subcontrast 5 Contrast and Subcontrast Control Processor B Emitter 15 VCC V5 20 Gnd 7 This device contains 272 active transistors.


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