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Features, Applications

The is an integrated circuit featuring wide range AGC for use an IF amplifier in radio and TV over an operating temperature range to +75°C. Power Gain: 50 dB Typ at 45 MHZ Power Gain: 50 dB Typ at 58 MHZ AGC Range: 60 dB Min, to 45 MHz

Nearly Constant Input & Output Admittance over the Entire AGC Range Y21 Constant ( ­3.0 dB) to 90 MHz Low Reverse Transfer Admittance: < 1.0 µmho Typ 12 V Operation, Single­Polarity Power Supply

Rating Power Supply Voltage Output Supply Voltage AGC Supply Voltage Differential Input Voltage Power Dissipation (Package Limitation) Plastic Package Derate above 25°C Operating Temperature Range Symbol V1, V8 VAGC Vin +75 mW mW/°C °C Value V+ 5.0 Unit Vdc Device MC1350D D SUFFIX PLASTIC PACKAGE CASE 751 (SO­8)

Figure 1. Typical MC1350 Video IF Amplifier and MC1330 Low­Level Video Detector Circuit

4 45MHz Input +18Vdc 18V Auxiliary Video Output 10V Primary Video and Sound Output 2 1 AFT Output L1 T1 AGC Turns 4 All windings #30 AWG tinned nylon acetate wire tuned with Carbonyl or J slugs. 16 10 Turns 3 16

L1 wound with #26 AWG tinned nylon acetate wire tuned by distorting winding.
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (V+ = +12 Vdc, = +25°C, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristics AGC Range, 45 MHz 7.0 V) (Figure 1) Power Gain (Pin 5 grounded via 5.1 k resistor) = 58 MHz, = 4.5 MHz See Figure = 45 MHz, = 4.5 MHz See Figure 6(a), (b) = 10.7 MHz, = 350 kHz See Figure = 455 kHz, = 20 kHz Maximum Differential Voltage Swing 0 dB AGC ­30 dB AGC Output Stage Current (Pins 1 and 8) Total Supply Current (Pins 1, 2 and 8) Power Dissipation PD mA mAdc mW Vpp Symbol Min 60 Typ 68 Max ­ Unit dB

DESIGN PARAMETERS, Typical Values (V+ = +12 Vdc, = +25°C, unless otherwise noted.)
Figure 3. Noise Figure versus Gain Reduction

The input amplifiers (Q1 and Q2) operate at constant emitter currents so that input impedance remains independent of AGC action. Input signals may be applied single­ended or differentially (for ac) with identical results. Terminals 4 and 6 may be driven from a transformer, but a dc path from either terminal to ground is not permitted. Figure 4. Circuit Schematic

AGC action occurs as a result of an increasing voltage on the base of Q4 and Q5 causing these transistors to conduct more heavily thereby shunting signal current from the interstage amplifiers Q3 and Q6. The output amplifiers are supplied from an active current source to maintain constant quiescent bias thereby holding output admittance nearly constant. Collector voltage for the output amplifier must be supplied through a center­tapped tuning coil to Pins 1 and 8. The 12 V supply (V+) at Pin 2 may be used for this purpose, but output admittance remains more nearly constant if a separate 15 V supply (V+ is used, because the base voltage on the output amplifier varies with AGC bias. Figure 5. Frequency Response Curve (45 MHz and 58 MHz)

Figure 6. Power Gain, AGC and Noise Figure Test Circuits

*Connect to ground for maximum power gain test. All power supply chokes (Lp), are self­resonant at input frequency. 20 k. See Figure 5 for Frequency Response Curve. @ 45 MHz 7 1/4 Turns a 1/4 coil form @ 58 MHz = 6 Turns a 1/4 coil form T1 Primary Winding = 18 Turns a 1/4 coil form, center­tapped, #25 AWG Secondary Winding = 2 Turns centered over Primary Winding @ 45 MHz = 1 Turn @ 58 MHz Slug = Carbonyl or J


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