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The MC1377 will generate a composite video from baseband red, green, blue, and sync inputs. On board features include: a color subcarrier oscillator; voltage controlled 90 phase shifter; two double sideband suppressed carrier (DSBSC) chroma modulators; and RGB input matrices with blanking level clamps. Such features permit system design with few external components and accordingly, system performance comparable to studio equipment with external components common in receiver systems. Selfcontained or Externally Driven Reference Oscillator

Chroma Axes, Nominally 90 (5), are Optionally Trimable PAL/NTSC Compatible Internal 8.2 V Regulator

Device MC1377DW MC1377P Operating Temperature Range to +70C Package SO20L Plastic DIP

18 Oscillator Buffer Voltage Controlled 90 8.2V Regulator PAL Switch 0/180 Chroma Amp 13 Chroma Out

H/2 20 NTSC/PAL Select PAL/NTSC Control Burst Pulse Driver
RY Gnd 15 Latching Ramp Generator Dual Comparator Color Difference and Luminance Matrix
Output Amp/ Clamp 2 Composite Sync Input R G Inputs

Rating Supply Voltage Storage Temperature Power Dissipation Package Derate above 25C Operating Temperature Symbol VCC Tstg PD TA Value to +70 Unit Vdc C W mW/C C

Characteristics Supply Voltage IB Current (Pin 16) Sync, Blanking Level (DC level between pulses, see Figure 9e) Sync Tip Level (see Figure 9e) Sync Pulse Width (see Figure G, B Input (Amplitude) G, B Peak Levels for DC Coupled Inputs, with Respect to Ground Chrominance Bandwidth (Noncomb Filtered Applications), (6 dB) Ext. Subscarrier Input (to Pin 17) if OnChip Oscillator is not used. Min Typ Max Unit Vdc mA Vdc s Vpp V MHz Vpp

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 12 Vdc, = 25C, circuit of Figure 7, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristics SUPPLY CURRENT Supply Current into VCC, No Load, on Pin 9. Circuit Figure 7 VCC 10 V VCC 11 V VCC 12 V VCC 13 V VCC V 14 ICC mA Pins Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

VOLTAGE REGULATOR VB Voltage (IB = 10 mA, VCC 12 V, Figure 7) Load Regulation IB 10 mA, VCC 12 V) Line Regulation (IB = 0 mA, V < VCC 14 V) OSCILLATOR AND MODULATION Oscillator Amplitude with 3.58 MHz/4.43 MHz crystal Subcarrier Input: Resistance at 3.58 MHz Subcarrier Input: Resistance at 4.43 MHz Capacitance Modulation Angle (RY) to (BY) Angle Adjustment (RY) DC Bias Voltage CHROMINANCE AND LUMINANCE Chroma Input DC Level Chroma Input Level for 100% Saturation Chroma Input: Resistance Chroma Input: Capacitance Chroma DC Output Level Chroma Output Level at 100% Saturation Chroma Output Resistance Luminance Bandwidth (3.0 dB), Less Delay Line 13 10 Vin Rin Cin Vout Rout BWLuma Vdc Vpp k pF Vdc Vpp MHz Osc Rosc Cosc m V19 Vpp k pF Deg Deg/A Vdc 16 VB Regload Regline Vdc mV mV/V

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 12 Vdc, = 25C, circuit of Figure 7, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristics VIDEO INPUT G, B Input DC Levels G, B Input for 100% Color Saturation G, B Input: Resistance G, B Input: Capacitance Sync Input Resistance V < Input < 8.2) COMPOSITE VIDEO OUTPUT Composite Output, 100% Saturation (see Figure 8d) Output Impedance (Note 1) Subcarrier Leakage in Output (Note 2) Sync Luminance Chroma Burst 9 CVout Vpp 2 RRGB CRGB Sync 4, 5 RGB Vdc Vpp pF k Pins Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

NOTES: 1. Output Impedance can be reduced to less than 10 by using a 150 output load from Pin 9 to ground. Power supply current will increase to about 60 mA. 2. Subcarrier leakage can be reduced to less than 10 mV with optional circuitry (see Figure 12).

Symbol tr Sync G B Yout Vclamp Yin CVout ChromaIn BYclamp RYclamp ChromaOut VCC Gnd VB Oscin Oscout m NTSC/PAL Select Pin Description External components at this pin set the rise time of the internal ramp function generator (see Figure 10). Composite sync input. Presents 10 k resistance to input. Red signal input. Presents 10 k impedance to input. 1.0 Vpp required for 100% saturation. Green signal input. Presents 10 k impedance to input. 1.0 Vpp required for 100% saturation. Blue signal Input. Presents 10 k impedance to input. 1.0 Vpp required for 100% saturation. Luma (Y) output. Allows external setting of luma delay time. Video Clamp pin. Typical connection 0.01 F capacitor to ground. Luma (Y) input. Presents 10 k input impedance. Composite Video output. 50 output impedance. Chroma input. Presents 10 k input impedance. BY clamp. Clamps BY during blanking with 0.1 F capacitor to ground. Also used with RY clamp to null residual color subcarrier in output. RY clamp. Clamps RY during blanking with 0.1 F capacitor to ground. Also used with BY clamp to null residual color subcarrier in output. Chroma output. 50 output impedance. Power supply pin for the IC; 2.0 V, required 35 mA (typical). Ground pin. 8.2 V reference from an internal regulator capable of delivering mA to external circuitry. Oscillator input. A transistor base presents to an external subcarrier input, or is available for constructing a Colpitts oscillator (see Figure 4). Oscillator output. The emitter of the transistor, with base access at Pin 17, is accessible for completing the Colpitts oscillator. See Figure 4. Quad decoupler. With external circuitry, RY to BY relative angle errors can be corrected. Typically, requires 0.01 F capacitor to ground. NTSC/PAL switch. When grounded, the is in the NTSC mode; if unconnected, in the PAL mode.


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