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MC1378 Color Television Composite Video Overlay Synchronizer

The is a bipolar composite video overlay encoder and microcomputer synchronizer. The MC1378 contains the complete encoder function of the MC1377, i.e., quadrature color modulators, RGB matrix, and blanking level clamps, plus a complete complement of synchronizers to lock a microcomputer­based video source to any remote video source. The MC1378 can be used as a local system timing and encoding source, but it is most valuable when used to lock the microcomputer source to a remotely originated video signal. Contains All Needed Reference Oscillators


Can Be Operated in PAL or NTSC Mode, or 525 Line Wideband, Full­Fidelity Color Encoding Local or Remote Modes of Operation Minimal External Components Designed to Operate from 5.0 V supply Will Work with non standard Video

Burst Gate Out PAL/NTSC Mode Ground 3.58/4.43 In Chroma PLL Filter

Killer Filter Quad. Loop Filter PAL Indent. Cap VCC Comp. Vid. Out Ground Overlay Enable Rem. Vid. In ACC Filter ­Y Input Rem. Vid. Clamp

36MHz Master Clock H Sync 3.58/4.43MHz Vert/Comp Sync Video System Red Green Blue Video Enable Local/Remote Composite Overplayed Video MC1378 Remote Video

R­Y Clamp B­Y Clamp R Input G Input B Input ­Y Output Chroma Out Loc. Vid. Clamp Chroma In

Device 525/60 625/50 PAL/ NTSC MC1378P MC1378FN Operating Temperature Range to +70°C Package Plastic DIP PLCC­44

Rating Supply Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Junction Temperature Power Dissipation, Package Derate above 25°C Symbol VCC TA Tstg TJ(max) PD Value ­65 to Unit Vdc °C W mW/°C

Condition Supply Voltage RGB Input for 100% Saturation Color Oscillator Input Level Video Input, Positive Pin Value Unit Vdc Vpp

Characteristics Supply Current Video Output, Open Circuit, Positive Modulation Angle ­ Y) RGB Input Impedance Local/Remote Switch (TTL) Horizontal Sync Input, Negative Going Vertical Sync Output, Negative Going, Remote Mode Composite Sync Output, Negative Going Burst Gate Output, Positive Going High Low (TTL) Vpp Pin Min Typ Remote Local 4.3 Max Unit mAdc Vpp Degrees k ­ Vpp

Remote Mode The incoming remote video signal (Pin 24) supplies all synchronizing information. A discussion of the function of the phase detectors helps to clarify the lockup method: PD1 locks the internally counted­down 4 MHz horizontal VCO to the incoming horizontal sync. It is fast acting, to follow VCR source fluctuations. PD2 locks the 36 MHz clock VCO, which is divided down by the video system, to the divided down horizontal VCO. is a gated phase detector which locks the 14 MHz crystal oscillator, divided 4, to the incoming color burst. PD4 controls an internal phase shifter to assure that the outgoing color burst is the same phase as incoming burst PD3. PD5 not used in REMOTE MODE Vertical lock is obtained by continuously resetting the sync generator in the video system with separated vertical sync from the MC1378, Pin 38. This signal is TTL level vertical block sync, negative going. The horizontal sync from the video system to Pin 40 is also TTL level with sync negative going. The local/remote switch, Pin is in local mode when grounded, remote mode when taken 5.0 V. The overlay control, Pin 25, has an analog characteristic, centered about 1.0 V, which allows fading from local to remote. Local Mode The MC1378 and a video system combine to provide a fully synchronized standard signal source. In this case, composite sync must be supplied by the video system or other time base system. In the MC1378 the phase detectors operate as follows: PD1 locks the internally counted­down 4 MHz horizontal VCO to a Horizontal Sync signal (at Pin 40) from the video system (counted down from 36 MHz) PD2 not used in LOCAL MODE. PD3 not used in LOCAL MODE. PD4 active, but providing an arbitrary phase shift setting between the color oscillator and the output burst phase. PD5 locks the 36 MHz clock VCO (which is divided down by the video system) to the 14 MHz (crystal) color oscillator. The 14 MHz is, therefore, the system standard in LOCAL MODE, and is not DC controlled. COMPOSITE VIDEO GENERATION The color encoding at the RGB signals is done exactly as in the MC1377. Composite chroma is looped out at Pins 18 and 20 to allow the designer to choose band shaping. Luminance is similarly brought out (Pins 17 and 22) to permit installation of the appropriate delay. Composite sync output, Pin 39, and burst gate output, Pin 5, are provided for convenience only.

R PD5 Divide by 256 Counter H HORIZ VCO PD4 PD3 Divide by 4 Ring Counter BG 90­270 Phase Shift Kill ACC Det DET Kill Proc BG 2 Burst Flag Decoder Burst Flag Decoder 3 4 MHz Cer Res

­ 180 Phase Shift R H Sync R 1 B­Y Clamp PAL F/F R­Y Clamp H/2 Ident Det Local/Remote Ident Proc BG L Clamp Video Vert Sync Sep Local Video Clamp Fast Video Switch Remote Video Clamp L R ACC AMP 17 ­Y Out Chroma 22 20 Chroma Out Overlay Enable Gnd Video Out V CC Remote Video In VRef R Comp Sync Out 40 B­Y Mod R­Y Loc/Rem Switches 38 Vert. Out Comp. Sync In Comp Sync Sep 7/26


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