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The is a single monolithic integrated circuit designed for quad low side switching applications. This device was initially conceived as a quad injector driver for use in the harsh automotive environment but is well suited for many other applications. The MC33293A incorporates SMARTMOSTM technology having CMOS logic, bipolar and CMOS analog circuitry and DMOS power MOSFETs. All of the device inputs are CMOS compatible. The four output devices are N-channel power MOSFETs. A Fault detect output is provided to flag the existence of open loads (outputs ON or OFF) or shorted loads. If a short circuit is detected, the fault detect circuitry turns off the shorted output, but allows the others to function normally. An overvoltage (VPWR) condition will turn off all outputs for the overvoltage duration. Each output functions independently and has a drain-to-gate diode clamp for inductive flyback voltage protection. A Single/Dual select pin is incorporated to allow either individual output control or control of a pair of outputs from one input. The MC33293A is parametrically specified over TA 125C ambient temperature and 9.0 V VPWR 14.5 V supply. Designed to Operate with Supply Voltages 30 V

CMOS Compatible Inputs with Active Pull-Downs Maximum 5.0 mA Quiescent Current RDS(on) of 0.25 Maximum at 25C, with VPWR 9.0 V Each Output Clamped 65 V for Driving Inductive Loads Each Output Current Limited A to handle Incandescent Lamp Loads Active Low Output Fault Status with Interrogation Capability Open Load Detection (Output ON or OFF) Capable of Withstanding Reverse Battery Overvoltage Shutdown Short Circuit Detection and Shutdown with Automatic Retry

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. MOTOROLA ANALOG IC DEVICE DATA

7 3 Input 1 4 Input 2 13 Input 3 12 Input 4 5 Input & 2 Single/Dual 6 Select 11 Input Fault Encoder From Detectors 2,3,4 Open Load Detect Short Circuit Detect To Gates 2,3,4 15 Output 4 Gate Control 2 1 Output 2 14 Output 3 Output 1 Overvoltage Shutdown Bias Circuit Bias +VPWR

Rating VCC Steady-State Transient Conditions Input Pin Voltage ESD Capability Human Body Model = 200 pf) Lead Current (per Output) Single Pulse Clamp Energy 1.5 A Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Lead Temperature (Wave Solder, 10 s) Power Dissipation = 105C Power Dissipation = 125C Derate for every C above 25C Thermal Resistance Junction-to-Ambient Thermal Resistance Junction-to-Case. Any one O/P Symbol VPWR VPWR(pk) Vin VESD 2000 IOut Eclamp Tstg TJ Tsolder PD Internally Limited C W W/C C/W Value 7.5 V Unit V

STATIC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (9.0 V VPWR 14.5 V and TC +125C, unless otherwise

noted. Typical values are at 25C, unless otherwise noted.) Characteristic INPUT Turn ON Threshold Operating Voltage Range Quiescent Power Supply Current (All Inputs off) Overvoltage Shutdown Range Overvoltage Reset Hysteresis Input Voltage High (IDS 1.0 A) Low (IDS = 80 A) Input High Hysteresis (IDS 1.0 A) Input Current High (VIH 3.0 V) Low (VIL 0.8 V) OUTPUT Static Drain-Source On-Resistance (IDS 1.0 A, VPWR + 25C) (IDS 1.0 A, VPWR = +125C) (IDS 0.7 A, VPWR + 25C) (IDS 0.4 A, VPWR + 25C) Drain-Source Clamp Voltage (IDS = 20 mA, Vin 0 V, tclamp = 100 s) Zero Input Voltage Drain Current (VDS 25 V, VPWR 14.5 V) (VDS 58 V, VPWR 14.5 V) Source Drain Diode Forward Voltage (ISD 1.0 A) RDS(on) BVDSS 55 IDS(off) 10 VSD mA V Von(th) VPWR IPWR VPWR(ov) VPWR(hys) VIH VIL VIH(hys) IIH IIL mA V Symbol Min Typ Max Unit


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