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Advance Information Lithium Battery Protection Circuit for One Cell Battery Packs

The is a monolithic lithium battery protection circuit that is designed to enhance the useful operating life of a one cell rechargeable battery pack. Cell protection features consist of internally trimmed charge and discharge voltage limits, discharge current limit detection with a delayed shutdown, and a virtually zero current sleepmode state when the cell is discharged. An additional feature includes an onchip charge pump for reduced MOSFET losses while charging or discharging a low cell voltage battery pack. This protection circuit requires a minimum number of external components and is targeted for inclusion within the battery pack. This MC33348 is available in standard SOIC 8 lead surface mount package. Internally Trimmed Charge and Discharge Voltage Limits


Discharge Current Limit Detection with Delayed Shutdown Virtually Zero Current Sleepmode State when Cells are Discharged Charge Pump for Reduced Losses with a Low Cell Voltage Battery Pack Dedicated for One Cell Applications Minimum Components for Inclusion within the Battery Pack Available in a Low Profile Surface Mount Package

Discharge 4 Charge 6 Gate Drive Gate Drive Output 5 Charge Gate Drive Common/ Discharge Current Limit

8 Charge Pump Output 7 VCC Charge Gate Drive Output Charge Gate Drive 5 Common/Discharge Current Limit 6 (Top View)

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. Motorola, Inc. 1997 Rev 1

NOTE: Additional threshold limit options can be made available. Consult factory for information.

Thermal Resistance, JunctiontoAir D Suffix, SO8 Plastic Package, Case 751 Operating Junction Temperature (Note 1) Storage Temperature RJA TJ C/W to +150 Tstg

NOTES: 1. Tested ambient temperature range for the MC33348: Tlow = 25C Thigh +85C 2. ESD data available upon request.

Input Voltage (Measured with Respect to Ground, Pin 3) Cell Voltage (Pin 1) Test (Pin 2) Discharge Gate Drive Output (Pin 4) Charge Gate Drive Common/Discharge Current Limit (Pin 5) Charge Gate Drive Output (Pin 6) VCC (Pin 7) Charge Pump Output (Pin 8)

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 25C, for min/max values TA is the operating junction temperature range that applies (Note 1), unless otherwise noted.)

Input Bias Current During Cell Voltage Sample (Pin 1) Cell Voltage Sampling Rate IIB A s t(smpl) 1.0 CURRENT SENSING

Idly(dschg) VO ms CHARGE PUMP Output Voltage (Pin 12 V TOTAL DEVICE Average Cell Current (TA = 25C, Battery Pack Unloaded and without Current Limit Fault) Operating (VCC 4.0 V) Sleepmode (VCC 2.0 V) Minimum Operating Cell Voltage for Logic and Gate Drivers

1. Tested ambient temperature range for the MC33348: Tlow = 25C Thigh = +85C

Discharge Current Limit (Pin 3 to Pin = 25C) Threshold Voltage 1 Suffix 2 Suffix 3 Suffix 4 Suffix 5 Suffix 6 Suffix Delay


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