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The is a single chip narrowband VHF FM radio receiver. is a dual conversion receiver with RF amplifier transistor, oscillators, mixers, quadrature detector, meter drive/carrier detect and mute circuitry. The MC3363 also has a buffered first local oscillator output for use with frequency synthesizers, and a data slicing comparator for FSK detection. Wide Input Bandwidth ­ 200 MHz Using Internal Local Oscillator Wide Input Bandwidth ­ 450 MHz Using External Local Oscillator RF Amplifier Transistor

Muting Operational Amplifier Complete Dual Conversion Low Voltage: VCC to 6.0 Vdc Low Drain Current: ICC 3.6 mA (Typical) at VCC 3.0 V, Excluding RF Amplifier Transistor Excellent Sensitivity: Input 0.3 µV (Typical) for 12 dB SINAD Using Internal RF Amplifier Transistor Data Shaping Comparator Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) with 60 dB Dynamic Range Low Number of External Parts Required Manufactured in Motorolas MOSAIC® Process Technology

1st Mixer Input Base Emitter Collector 2nd LO Emitter 2nd LO Base 2nd Mixer Output VCC Limiter Input Limiter Decoupling Limiter Decoupling Meter Drive (RSSI) Carrier Detect Quadrature Coil

1st Mixer Input Varicap Control 1st LO Tank 1st LO Tank 1st LO Output 1st Mixer Output 2nd Mixer Input 2nd Mixer Input VEE Mute Output Comparator Output Comparator Input Recovered Audio Mute Input

Rating Power Supply Voltage Operating Supply Voltage Range (Recommended) Input Voltage (VCC = 5.0 Vdc) Mute Output Voltage Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Pin Symbol VCC(max) VCC TJ TA Tstg Value + 150 Unit Vdc Vrms Vpk °C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 5.0 Vdc, = 49.7 MHz, Deviation ± 3.0 kHz, = 25°C, Mod 1.0 kHz,

test circuit of Figure 2 unless otherwise noted) Characteristic Drain Current (Carrier Detect Low) ­3.0 dB Limiting Sensitivity (RF Amplifier Not Used) Input For 12 dB SINAD 20 dB S/N Sensitivity (RF Amplifier Not Used) 1st Mixer Input Resistance (Parallel ­ Rp) 1st Mixer Input Capacitance (Parallel ­ Cp) 1st Mixer Conversion Voltage Gain (Avc1, Open Circuit) 2nd Mixer Conversion Voltage Gain )Avc2, Open Circuit) 2nd Mixer Input Sensitivity (20 dB S/N) (10.7 MHz i/p) Limiter Input Sensitivity (20 dB S/N) (455 kHz i/p) RF Transistor DC Current Drain Noise Output Level (RF Signal = 0 mV) Recovered Audio (RF Signal Level = 1.0 mV) THD of Recovered Aduio (RF Signal = 1.0 mV) Detector Output Impedance Series Equivalent Input Impedance Data (Comparator) p ) Output p Voltage g ­ High D t (Comparator) Data t ) Output O t Voltage lt ­L Low Data (Comparator) Threshold Voltage Difference Meter Drive Slope Carrier Detect Threshold (Below VCC) Mute Output Impedance ­ High M te Output tp t Impedance ­ Lo Mute Low Pin 8 Min Typ j350 Max VCC Vdc mV nA/dB Vdc M mAdc mVrms % µVrms pF dB Units mA µVrms

CRF 1: muRata SFE mA or Equivalent CRF 2: muRata CFU 455D or Equivalent H L1: Coilcraft UNI 10/142 10­1/2 Turns LC1: Toko pF L1

1.0 k Comparator Test Input 0.01 Carrier Detect Output Mute Input


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