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The is a High­Side Switch designed to drive loads from the positive side of the power supply. The output is controlled by a TTL compatible input Enable pin. In the "on" state, the device exhibits very low saturation voltages for load currents in excess of 750 mA. The device isolates the load from positive or negative going high voltage transients by abruptly "opening" thus protecting the load from the transient voltage for the duration of the transient. The device automatically re­establishes its original operating state following the transient condition. The MC3399 is fabricated on a power BIMOS process which combines the best features of Bipolar and MOS technologies. The mixed technology provides higher gain PNP output devices and results in Power Integrated Circuits having substantially reduced quiescent currents. The device operates over a wide power supply voltage range and can withstand voltage transients (positive or negative) V. A rugged PNP output stage along with active clamp circuitry, output current limit and thermal shutdown permit the driving of all types of loads, including inductive. The MC3399 is offered 5­lead TO­220 and 16­lead SOIC plastic packages to facilitate either "thru­hole" or surface mount use. In addition, it is specified over a wide ambient operating temperature to +125°C and is ideally suited for industrial and automotive applications where harsh environments exist. Low Switch Voltage Drop

Load Currents in Excess 750 mA Low Quiescent Current Transient Protection ±100 V TTL Compatible Enable Input On­Chip Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown Circuitry

Pin 1. Ignition 2. N.C. 3. N.C. 4. N.C. 5. Ground 6. N.C. 7. Input 8. N.C. 9. Output 10.Output 11. Output 15.Output 16.Output

Device Operating Temperature Range to +125°C Package SOP(8+8)L Plastic Power

Rating Ignition Input Voltage (Continuous) Forward Reverse Ignition Input Voltage (Transient) Symbol VIGN 25 ­16 VIGN to +7.0 Internally Limited V A °C/W RJA1 RJT RJA2 RJL Tsolder TJ Tstg +150 °C Value Unit Vdc

Input Voltage Output Current Thermal Resistance Plastic Power Package (Case 314D) Junction­to­Ambient Junction­to­Tab SOP(8+8)L Plastic Package (Case 751G) Junction­to­Ambient Junction­to­Lead 12 Soldering Temperature (for 10 Seconds) Junction Temperature Storage Temperature

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VIGN = 150 mA, +125°C, V Input = "1", unless otherwise noted.)(1)

Characteristic Operating Voltage Switch Voltage Drop (Saturation) VIGN = 150 mA, = 200 mA, = 125 mA, = 125°C VIGN = 425 mA, = 550 mA, = ­40°C VIGN = 375 mA, = 125°C Quiescent Current VIGN = 150 mA, = 550 mA, = 300 mA, = 125°C Output Current Limit (VO 0 V) Output Leakage Current (VIGN 12 V, Input = "0") Input Voltage High Logic State Low Logic State Input Current High Logic State (VIH 5.5 V) Low Logic State (VIL 0.4 V) Output Turn­On Delay Time Input = +25°C (Figures 1 and 3) Symbol VIGN(min) VIGN­VO Min IGND ­ ISC ILeak VIH VIL IIH IIL tDLY(on) tDLY(off) Vin(OV) tDLY tRCVY µA V Typ Max mA Unit V

Output Turn­Off Delay Time Input = +25°C (Figures 1 and 3) Overvoltage Shutdown Threshold Output Turn­Off Delay Time (TA 25°C) to Overvoltage Condition, Vin stepped from 0.9 VO (Figures 1 and 3) Output Recovery Delay Time (TA + 25°C) VIGN stepped from 0.9 VO (Figures 1 and 3)

NOTES: 1. Typical values represent characteristics of operation = 25°C.

Ignition Output* 35 V Transient Generator 12 V Input Control Circuit Thermal Sense Current Limit RL 50

NOTE: * Depending on load current and transient duration, an output capacitor (CO) of sufficient value may be used to hold up output voltage during the transient, and absorb turn­off delay voltage overshoot.

1.0 ms Ignition Input 31 V Input Output V 0V Ignition 12 V Line Transient 1.0 ms
Figure 4. Switch Voltage Drop versus Load Current


Figure 5. Quiescent Current versus Load Current


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