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The is a telephone line interface meant for use in cordless telephone base stations for CT1, CT2 and DECT. The circuit forms the interface towards the telephone line and performs all speech and line interface functions like dc and ac line termination, 24 wire conversion, automatic gain control and hookswitch control. Adjustment of transmission parameters is accomplished by two 8bit registers accessible via the integrated serial bus interface and by external components. DC Masks for Voltage and Current Regulation

Supports Passive or Active AC Set Impedance Applications Double Wheatstone Bridge Sidetone Architecture Symmetrical Inputs and Outputs with Large Signal Swing Capability Gain Setting and Mute Function for Tx and Rx Amplifiers Very Low Noise Performance Serial Bus Interface SPI Compatible Operation from 5.5 V

Line Driver Architecture Two DC Masks for Voltage Regulation

Two DC Masks for Current Regulation Passive or Active Set Impedance Adjustment Double Wheatstone Bridge Architecture Automatic Gain Control Function

PIN CONNECTIONS Transmit Channel Symmetrical Inputs Capable of Handling Large Voltage Swing

Clk 1 Data Out2 3 Stab 4 Gnd 5 HKSW Out1 7 VCC 8 Iref 9 HYL 10 (Top View) 20 BEN 19 LAO 18 LAI 17 SRF 16 AGC Rx2 11 HYS

Gain Select Option via Serial Bus Interface Transmit Mute Function, Programmable via Bus Large Voltage Swing Capability at the Telephone Line

Receive Channel Double Sidetone Architecture for Optimum Line Matching

Symmetrical Outputs Capable of Producing High Voltage Swing Gain Select Option via Serial Bus Interface Receive Mute Function, Programmable via Serial Bus

One Programmable Output Meant for Driving a Hookswitch Two Programmable Outputs Capable of Driving Low Ohmic Loads Two 8Bit Registers for Parameter Adjustment

+ Supply VCC Iref +5.0 V Serial Bus Inputs Logic Outputs Clk Serial Bus Interface Data BEN Out1 Out2 HKSW AGC AGC B (Ring) A (Tip)

This device contains 610 active transistors + 242 gates.
Rating Operation Supply Voltage All Other Inputs Operating Ambient Temperature Junction Temperature

DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (All parameters are specified with Bit 0 of Register 1 set to 1, the rest of the

bits in both registers set = 25C, VCC 5.0 V, Iline = 15 mA, = 1.0 kHz, Test Circuit in Figure 9, unless otherwise noted.) Parameter VOLTAGE REGULATION Line Voltage Vline Iline 5.0 mA Iline 15 mA Iline mA V Condition Min Typ Max Unit

CURRENT REGULATION (Bit = 1; Bit 1, Reg. = 1; RAGC 47 k) Line Voltage Vline Line Current Iline Line Current Iline in Protection Mode DC BIASING Operating Supply Voltage VCC Current Consumption from VCC Source Capabiltiy Pin LAO in Speech Mode Source Capability Pin LAO in Dialing Mode (Bit 5, Reg. = 1) Internal Pull Down Resistor at Pin LAO Bias Voltage at Pins HYL, HYS and LAI Bias Voltage at Pins Tx1 and Tx2 Bias Voltage at Pins Rx1 and Rx2 LOGIC INPUTS Logic Low Level Pins Clk, Data, BEN Logic High Level Pins Clk, Data, BEN LOGIC OUTPUTS Source Capability from Pins HKSW, Out1, Out2 Sink Capability into Pins HKSW, Out1, Out2 Output Voltage at VCC 1.3 V Output Voltage V VCC 3.0 V, all Bits to 0 VCC 5.0 V, all Bits to 0 VLAO 0.7 V VLAO V mA Iline 15 mA Vline 10 V Vline 35 V Vline V mA

AC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (All parameters are specified with Bit 0 of Register 1 set to 1, the rest of the

Gain Variation with Line Current Referred to Iline 15 mA with the AGC Function Switched "Off" Gain Increase 6.0 dB Mode Gain Reduction in Mute Condition Input Impedance or Tx2 Maximum Input Swing for VTx THD at the Line (Vline) Psophometrically Weighted Noise Level at the Line (Vline) RECEIVE CHANNEL Receive Gain from Vline to VRx Gain Variation with Line Current Referred to Iline 15 mA with the AGC Function Switched "Off"


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