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The is an undervoltage sensing circuit specifically designed for use as a reset controller in microprocessor-based systems. It offers the designer an economical solution for low voltage detection with a single external resistor. The MC34064 features a trimmed-in-package bandgap reference, and a comparator with precise thresholds and built-in hysteresis to prevent erratic reset operation. The open collector reset output is capable of sinking in excess of 10 mA, and operation is guaranteed down 1.0 V input with low standby current. These devices are packaged 8-pin SO­8 and Micro­8 surface mount packages. Applications include direct monitoring of the 5.0 V MPU/logic power supply used in appliance, automotive, consumer and industrial equipment. Trimmed-In-Package Temperature Compensated Reference

Comparator Threshold at 25°C Precise Comparator Thresholds Guaranteed Over Temperature Comparator Hysteresis Prevents Erratic Reset Output Capable of Sinking in Excess 10 mA Internal Clamp Diode for Discharging Delay Capacitor Guaranteed Reset Operation with 1.0 V Input Low Standby Current Economical TO­226AA, SO­8 and Micro­8 Surface Mount Packages

8 N.C. 7 N.C. 6 N.C. 5 N.C. (Top View)

Pin numbers adjacent to terminals are for the 3­pin TO­226AA package. Pin numbers in parenthesis are for the 8­lead packages. This device contains 21 active transistors.

Rating Power Input Supply Voltage Reset Output Voltage Reset Output Sink Current (Note 1) Clamp Diode Forward Current, Pin to 2 (Note 1) Power Dissipation and Thermal Characteristics P Suffix, Plastic Package Maximum Power Dissipation = 25°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air D Suffix, Plastic Package Maximum Power Dissipation = 25°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air DM Suffix, Plastic Package Maximum Power Dissipation = 25°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air Operating Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature MC34064 MC33064 Storage Temperature Range

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (For typical values = 25°C, for min/max values TA is the operating ambient temperature range that applies [Notes 2 and 3] unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristics COMPARATOR Threshold Voltage High State Output (Vin Increasing) Low State Output (Vin Decreasing) Hysteresis RESET OUTPUT Output Sink Saturation (Vin 4.0 V, ISink = 8.0 mA) (Vin 4.0 V, ISink = 2.0 mA) (Vin 1.0 V, ISink = 0.1 mA) Output Sink Current (Vin, Reset 4.0 V) Output Off-State Leakage (Vin, Reset 5.0 V) Clamp Diode Forward Voltage, Pin to 2 (IF = 10 mA) TOTAL DEVICE Operating Input Voltage Range Quiescent Input Current (Vin 5.0 V) Vin Iin V µA VOL ­ ISink IOH µA V VIH VIL VH Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

NOTES: 1. Maximum package power dissipation limits must be observed. 2. Low duty cycle pulse techniques are used during test to maintain junction temperature as close to ambient as possible. 3. Tlow = 0°C for MC34064 Thigh = +70°C for MC34064 ­40°C for MC33064 +85°C for MC33064

Figure 1. Reset Output Voltage versus Input Voltage
Figure 2. Reset Output Voltage versus Input Voltage
Figure 3. Comparator Threshold Voltage versus Temperature

4.630 V th, THRESHOLD VOLTAGE (V) k to Vin Lower Threshold Low State Output in , INPUT CURRENT (mA) Upper Threshold High State Output 0.6 1.0

Figure 4. Input Current versus Input Voltage
Figure 5. Reset Output Saturation versus Sink Current


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