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MC34065-H, L High Performance Dual Channel Current Mode Controllers

The MC34065­H,L series are high performance, fixed frequency, dual current mode controllers. They are specifically designed for off­line and dc­to­dc converter applications offering the designer a cost effective solution with minimal external components. These integrated circuits feature a unique oscillator for precise duty cycle limit and frequency control, a temperature compensated reference, two high gain error amplifiers, two current sensing comparators, Drive Output 2 Enable pin, and two high current totem pole outputs ideally suited for driving power MOSFETs. Also included are protective features consisting of input and reference undervoltage lockouts each with hysteresis, cycle­by­cycle current limiting, and a latch for single pulse metering of each output. These devices are available in dual­in­line and surface mount packages. The MC34065­H has UVLO thresholds 14 V (on) and 10 V (off), ideally suited for off­line converters. The MC34065­L is tailored for lower voltage applications having UVLO thresholds 8.4 V (on) and 7.8 V (off). Unique Oscillator for Precise Duty Cycle Limit and Frequency Control


Current Mode Operation to 500 kHz Automatic Feed Forward Compensation Separate Latching PWMs for Cycle­By­Cycle Current Limiting Internally Trimmed Reference with Undervoltage Lockout Drive Output 2 Enable Pin Two High Current Totem Pole Outputs Input Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis Low Startup and Operating Current

VCC 5.0V Reference R 1 Sync Input CT 3 Oscillator + ­ Error Amp 1 Latching PWM 1 7 Drive Output 1 Vref Undervoltage Lockout VCC Undervoltage Lockout 16

Voltage Feedback 1 Compensation 1 Current Sense 1 Drive Output 1 Gnd
Drive Output 2 Enable 14 Voltage Feedback 2 13 Compensation 2 12 Gnd 8 Drive Gnd + ­ Error Amp 2

Rating Power Supply Voltage Output Current, Source or Sink (Note 1) Output Energy (Capacitive Load per Cycle) Current Sense, Enable, and Voltage Feedback Inputs Sync Input High State (Voltage) Low State (Reverse Current) Error Amp Output Sink Current Power Dissipation and Thermal Characteristics DW Suffix, Plastic Package Case 751G Maximum Power Dissipation = 25°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air P Suffix, Plastic Package Case 648 Maximum Power Dissipation = 25°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air Operating Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature (Note MC34065 MC33065 Storage Temperature Range Symbol VCC IO W Vin VIH IIL IO Value to Unit V mA

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC 15 V [Note = 3.3 nF, for typical values = 25°C, for min/max values TA is the operating ambient temperature range that applies to [Note 3].)

Characteristics REFERENCE SECTION Reference Output Voltage (IO = 1.0 mA, = 25°C) Line Regulation (VCC 20 V) Load Regulation (IO to 10 mA, VCC 20 V) Total Output Variation over Line, Load, and Temperature Output Short Circuit Current OSCILLATOR AND PWM SECTIONS Total Frequency Variation over Line and Temperature VCC TA = Tlow to Thigh MC34065 MC33065 Frequency Change with Voltage (VCC 20 V) Duty Cycle at each Output Maximum Minimum Sync Input Current High State (Vin 2.4 V) Low State (Vin 0.8 V) ERROR AMPLIFIERS Voltage Feedback Input (VO 2.5 V) Input Bias Current (VFB 5.0 V) Open Loop Voltage Gain (VO 4.0 V) Unity Gain Bandwidth (TJ = 25°C) Power Supply Rejection Ratio (VCC 20 V) Output Current Source (VO 3.0 V, VFB 2.3 V) Sink (VO 1.2 V, VFB 2.7 V) Output Voltage Swing High State (RL k to ground, VFB 2.3 V) Low State (RL k to Vref, VFB 2.7 V) VFB IIB AVOL BW PSRR Isource Isink VOH VOL µA dB MHz dB mA fosc 46.5 45 fosc/V DCmax DCmin IIH IIL µA kHz Vref Regline Regload Vref ISC V mA Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC 15 V [Note = 3.3 nF, for typical values = 25°C, for min/max values TA is the operating ambient temperature range that applies to [Note 3].)

Characteristics CURRENT SENSE SECTION Current Sense Input Voltage Gain (Notes 4 and 5) Maximum Current Sense Input Threshold (Note 4) Input Bias Current Propagation Delay (Current Sense Input to Output) DRIVE OUTPUT 2 ENABLE PIN Enable Pin Voltage ­ High State (Output 2 Enabled) Enable Pin Voltage ­ Low State (Output 2 Disabled) Low State Input Current (VIL 0 V) DRIVE OUTPUTS Output Voltage ­ Low State (Isink = 20 mA) Output Voltage ­ Low State (Isink = 200 mA) Output Voltage ­ High State (Isource = 20 mA) Output Voltage ­ High State (Isource = 200 mA) Output Voltage with UVLO Activated (VCC 6.0 V, ISink = 1.0 mA) Output Voltage Rise Time (CL = 1.0 nF) Output Voltage Fall Time (CL = 1.0 nF) UNDERVOLTAGE LOCKOUT SECTION Startup Threshold (VCC Increasing) ­L Suffix ­H Suffix Minimum Operating Voltage After Turn­On (VCC Decreasing) ­L Suffix ­H Suffix TOTAL DEVICE Power Supply Current Startup ­L Suffix (VCC V) ­H Suffix (VCC 12 V) Operating (Note 2) ICC mA Vth 7.8 13 VCC(min) V VOL VOH VOL(UVLO) tf V VIH VIL IIB Vref µA AV Vth IIB tPLN(In/Out) V/V µA ns Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

4. This parameter is measured at the latch trip point with VFB 0 V NOTES: 1. Maximum package power dissipation limits must be observed. NOTES: 2. Adjust VCC above the startup threshold before setting V. V Compensation NOTES: 3. Low duty cycle pulse techniques are used during test to maintain junction 5. Comparator gain is defined = V Current Sense NOTES: 3. temperature as close to ambient as possible: Tlow = 0°C for the MC34065 Thigh = +70°C for MC34065 Tlow = ­40°C for the MC33065 Thigh = +85°C for MC33065

Figure 1. Timing Resistor versus Oscillator Frequency
Figure 2. Maximum Output Duty Cycle versus Oscillator Frequency
50 DCmax , DUTY CYCLE MAXIMUM VCC 500 k fOSC, OSCILLATOR FREQUENCY (Hz) 1.0 M Output 1 Output 2


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