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DescriptionCrystal SMD 32.768000khz
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Features, Applications
Surface Mount Quartz Crystals - Seiko Epson

Frequency range - 165.00kHz High density mounting type SMD Photolithography finish allows uniform & stable performance Excellent shock resistance & environmental capability 32.768kHz ex-stock Suitable for timekeeping of clocks and microcomputers

Nominal frequency range Temperature range: Storage temperature Operating temperature Maximum drive level Soldering condition (lead part only) Frequency tolerance (standard) Turnover temperature (frequency) Temperature coefficient Load capacitance Series resistance Motional capacitance Shunt capacitance Insulation resistance Aging Shock resistance


85C 1.0W MAX. Two times at under 260C within 10 sec. or under 230C within 3 min. 25C5C 25C TYP. -0.04ppm/C2 MAX. 8K 2.0fF TYP. 0.6fF 0.85pF TYP. 0.6pF 100M MIN. 3ppm/year MAX. 5ppm/year MAX. 5ppm MAX

Drop test of 3 times on a hard board from 75cm height or excitation test with x 1/2 sinewave x 3 directions

MC405 batch numbers commence with 5 MC406 batch numbers commence with 6

The most cost-effective SMD 32.768kHz product in the market. Industrial temperature range +85C is standard. The excellent heat characteristics of Seiko Epson built-in tuning fork resonator make them suitable for all surface mount soldering techniques. Automatic insertion is possible. The conventional mount mini-cylinder cannot be mounted by most equipment, meaning in general it is hand-soldered. The production cost saving of the MC405/406 is estimated at 0.10 per unit in volume. Steps such as lead forming and cropping are not required. The devices are packaged in tapes already and can be loaded in the mounting equipment as is. MC406 is second sourced by the ACT 90SMX package.


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MC42H/0-100UA Meter Edge 100ua
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A120K : Crystal 4.000000mhz.

CDC329AD : Non-PLL. ti CDC329A, 1-To-6 Clock Driver With Selectable Polarity. Low Output Skew for Clock-Distribution and Clock-Generation Applications TTL-Compatible Inputs and CMOS-Compatible Outputs Distributes One Clock Input to Six Clock Outputs Polarity Control Selects True or Complementary Outputs Distributed VCC and GND Pins Reduce Switching Noise High-Drive Outputs 32-mA IOH, 32-mA IOL) State-of-the-Art EPIC-B TM BiCMOS.

CDCF2509 : CPU/Memory Specific. 3.3v Phase-lock Loop Clock Driver. Designed to Meet PC133 SDRAM Registered DIMM Rev. 0.9 Spread Spectrum Clock Compatible Operating Frequency 25 MHz to 140 MHz Static Phase Error Distribution at 66 MHz to 133 MHz 125 ps Jitter (cyccyc) at 66 MHz to 133 MHz |70| ps Available in Plastic 24-Pin TSSOP Phase-Lock Loop Clock Distribution for Synchronous DRAM Applications Distributes One Clock.

CLV1052M : Package Style = MINI-14MS-L ;; Frequency (MHz) = 1048 to 1058 ;; N@10KHz (dBc/Hz) = -112 ;; Tuning Voltage (Vdc) = 0.50 to 4.50 ;; Tuning Sensitivity (MHz/V) = 19 ;; Power (dBm) = 1.50 ± 2.50 ;; Op.temp ( C) = -30 to 85 ;; VCC (Vdc) = 5.00 ;; Icc (mA) = 20.

ICS87946 : Dividers. Lowskew Divide-by-1, Divide-by-2 Clock Generator. 10 single ended LVCMOS outputs, 7 typical output impedance LVPECL clock input pair PCLK, nPCLK supports the following input levels: LVPECL, CML, SSTL Maximum input frequency: 250MHz Output skew: 200ps (maximum) Part-to-part skew: 500ps (typical) Multiple frequency skew: 350ps (maximum) 3.3V input, outputs may be either or 2.5V supply modes to 70C ambient.

LXO-1OSC : Crystal Oscillators. 10 KHZ to 2.1 MHZ Low Power Crystal Oscillator. The LXO-1 oscillator has the highest accuracy, stability and lowest current of all STATEK oscillators. The design consists of a CMOS-compatible hybrid circuit, packaged in a hermetically-sealed metal DIP. Permanent, precision tuning of the oscillator is accomplished by laser trimming the crystal after it has been hermetically sealed in a ceramic package.

MC100E111FN : 5V Ecl 1:9 Differential Clock Driver , Package: Plcc, Pins=28. The is a low skew 1-to-9 differential driver, designed with clock distribution in mind. It accepts one signal input, which can be either differential or else single-ended if the VBB output is used. The signal is fanned out to 9 identical differential outputs. An enable input is also provided. A HIGH disables the device by forcing all Q outputs LOW and all Q outputs.

MC100E310 : Low Voltage 2:8 Differential Fanout Buffer, Ecl/pecl Compatible. The is a low voltage, low skew 2:8 differential ECL fanout buffer designed with clock distribution in mind. The device fully differential clock paths to minimize both device and system skew. The E310 offers two selectable clock inputs to allow for redundant or test clocks to be incorporated into the system clock trees. The lowest tpd delay time results.

MK2059 : Multiplier/De-Jitter Circuits. Lowphase Noise Communications Clock. The is a VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator) based clock generator that produces common telecommunications reference frequencies. The output clock is phase locked an 8kHz (frame rate) input reference clock. The MK2059-01 also provides jitter attenuation. Included in the selection of output frequencies are these common system clocks: 1.544 MHz (T1).

OP4009B : Frequency = 672.163 ;; = Optical Timing Clock. Quartz SAW Stabilized and Filtered "Diff Sine" Technology Fundamental-Mode Oscillation at 672.163 MHz Voltage Tunable for Phase Lock Loop Operations Optical Timing Reference for Forward Error Correction Applications The output of this device is generated and filtered by narrowband quartz SAW elements at 672.163 MHz. The configuration of this clock is intended.

PLL502-25 : , 12-27MHz In, 12-27MHz Out, CMOS, 3.3V. Low phase noise VCXO output for the to 27MHz range (-135 dBc at 10kHz offset). CMOS output. to 27MHz crystal input. Integrated variable capacitors. Selectable High Drive (36mA drive capability at TTL level) or Standard Drive (12mA drive capability at TTL) output. Wide pull range 300 ppm). Low jitter (RMS): 10ps period. 3.3V operation. Available in 8-Pin.

PLL502-26 : , Vcxo Plus Audio PLL. High Pull-Range VCXO (27MHz) with integrated Audio PLL Low phase noise 27MHz VCXO ( -135 dBc at 10kHz offset). Integrated variable capacitors. Wide pull range 300 ppm). Low jitter (RMS): 10ps period. Integrated audio Phase Locked Loop. Audio clock output (ideal for 12.288MHz). 27MHz crystal input. Audio Reference clock input. 3.3V operation. Available.

SF1088A : SAW Resonators. Frequency = 170.6 ;; = Filter, Gsm/pcs Receiver if. Designed for GSM BTS Receiver IF Applications Low Insertion Loss Excellent Size-Performance Ratio Hermetic SMP-75 Surface-Mount Case Unbalanced Input and Output Insertion Loss 1 dB Passband Amplitude Ripple over fc 90 kHz Group Delay Variation over fc 90 kHz Rejection to fc-0.4 and to fc+0.6 MHz to fc-0.6 and to fc+0.8 MHz to fc-0.8 and to fc+1.6.

V586ME04 : Package Style = MINI-14S ;; Frequency (MHz) = 1430 to 2010 ;; N@10KHz (dBc/Hz) = -98 ;; Tuning Voltage (Vdc) = 2.00 to 14.00 ;; Tuning Sensitivity (MHz/V) = 68 ;; Power (dBm) = 6.00 ± 3.00 ;; Op.temp ( C) = -10 to 80 ;; VCC (Vdc) = 12.00 ;; Icc (mA) = 18.

VCO-102 : Hi-rel Vco. Model: VCO-102 Rev: A Date: 7/22/2002 Customer: VARI-L COMPANY Operating Temperature Range: C) Parameter Frequency Range Tuning Voltage: 25 MHz 50 MHz Tuning Sensitivity: 25 MHz 31.25 MHz 37.5 MHz 43.75 MHz 50 MHz Output Power Output Phase Noise: 10 kHz 100 kHz 1000 kHz Power Supply Current Harmonic Suppression: 2nd Harmonic 3rd Harmonic Spurious.

FMOCLVDSC2S : LVDS Oscillators manufactures high quality Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Oscillators. Our LVDS oscillator designs come in a wide range of packages to meet your application needs..

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