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The is a multi­standard single channel TV Video/Sound IF and PLL detector system specifically designed for use with all standard modulation techniques including NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. This device enables the designer to produce a high quality IF system with a minimum number of external components. The MC44302A contains a high gain video IF with an AGC range of 80 dB, enhanced phase­locked loop carrier regenerator for low static phase error, doubly balanced full wave synchronous video demodulator featuring wide bandwidth positive and negative video outputs with extremely low differential gain and phase distortion, video AFT amplifier, multistage sound IF limiter with FM quadrature detector and AFT for self tuning, AM sound detector, constant and variable audio outputs, dc volume control for reduced hum and noise pickup, unique signal acquisition circuit that prevents false PLL lockup and AFT push out, horizontal gating system with sync separator and phase­locked loop circuitry for self­contained RF/IF AGC operation, RF AGC delay circuitry, and programmable control logic that allows operation in NTSC, and PAL SECAM systems. This device is available in wide body 28 pin dual­in­line and surface mount plastic packages. Multi­Standard Detector System for NTSC, PAL, and SECAM

High Gain Video IF Amplifier with 80 dB AGC Range Enhanced PLL Carrier Regenerator for Low Static Phase Error Synchronous Video Demodulator with Positive and Negative Video Outputs Sound IF with Self Tuning FM Quadrature Detector AM Sound Detector DC Volume Control Unique Signal Acquisition Circuit Prevents False PLL Lockup Horizontal Gating System for Self Contained RF/IF AGC Operation RF AGC Delay Circuitry

DC Volume Control 1 Sound Input (FM) 2 Audio Input/ 3 Audio­Video Switch Sound 4 De­Emphasis (FM) Negative Video Out 5 Positive Video Out 6 Sound AFT Filter/ 7 Peak White Filter Video IF Input 8 Video IF Input 9 Intercarrier Sound Output 27 Audio Output (Variable) 26 Sound Quadrature Coil (FM) 25 VCC 28 24 Audio Output (Constant) 23 Sound Input (AM) 22 Gnd 21 VCO Coil 20 VCO Coil PLL Filter (Main VCO Loop) 18 Lock Detector/Filter (Acquisition Circuit) 17 Flyback/Video Input 19 16 Horizontal PLL Filter 15 RF AGC Delay

Video Mode Switch 10 AFT Output 11 AFT Mode Switch 12
Sound Detector DC Volume Control Mode Switch Audio Amp Power Supply

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice.

Rating Symbol VCC VIR Value 7.0 Unit V Power Supply Voltage

Sound Quadrature Coil Voltage (Pin 26) VCO Coil Voltage (Pins 20, 21) VQC Iin VCC V VVCO IO Flyback/Video Input Current (Pin 17) mA

Input Voltage Range Video IF (Pins 9) FM Sound IF (Pin 2) AM Sound IF (Pin 23) AFT Switch (Pin 12) Audio Input/Audio Switch/Video Invert (Pin 3) Mode Switch (Pin 10) RF AGC Delay (Pin 15) Volume Control (Pin 1)

Operating Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature to +70 Tstg to +150

Output Current Positive and Negative Video (Pins 5, 6) Intercarrier Sound (Pin 28) Constant and Variable Audio (Pins 27) RF AGC, Internally Limited (Pin 13) AFT Source or Sink (Pin 11)

Power Dissipation and Thermal Characteristics DW Suffix, Plastic Package Case 751F Maximum Power Dissipation = 70°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air P Suffix, Plastic Package Case 710 Maximum Power Dissipation = 70°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air

Characteristic VIDEO IF AMPLIFIER Differential Input Impedance Components Parallel Resistance Parallel Capacitance Differential Input Voltage for Full Video Output Swing Automatic Gain Control Range Noise Figure (Vin = 1.0 mV, 300 ) Bandwidth, ­3.0 dB (RS 300 ) Sound Intercarrier Output, 4.5 MHz (Vin = 1.0 mV, Note 2) VIDEO DETECTOR Output Voltage Swing (Pin 2.0 k, Note 1) Output Impedance (Pin 6, 1.0 MHz, 1.0 mA) Bandwidth, ­3.0 dB, (RL 2.0 k) Negative Output (Pin 5) Positive Output (Pin 6) Output Distortion, Uncorrected (RL 2.0 k, Note 1) Differential Gain Negative Video Output Positive Video Output Differential Phase Negative Video Output Positive Video Output


Characteristic VIDEO DETECTOR (CONTINUED) Residual 920 kHz Beat Output, dB Below 100% Modulated Video (Pin or 6, Note 2) FM SOUND IF AND DETECTOR Input Impedance Components Parallel Resistance Parallel Capacitance Input Limiting Threshold = 4.5 MHz) AM Rejection (Vin = 10 mV, Notes = 4.5 MHz = 5.5 MHz Recovered Audio Output (Pin 24, Vin = 10 mV, Note = 4.5 MHz = 5.5 MHz Output Distortion (Pin 24, Vin = 10 mV, Note = 4.5 MHz = 5.5 MHz Sound AFT (Note 7) Pull­in Range Hold­in Range Sound De­Emphasis Internal Resistance (Pin 4) AM Detector Crosstalk AM DETECTOR Input Impedance Components Parallel Resistance Parallel Capacitance Recovered Audio Output (Pin 24, Vin = 100 mV, Note 5) Output Distortion (Pin 24, Vin = 10 mV, Note 5) FM Sound IF and Detector Crosstalk DC VOLUME CONTROL Volume Control Range (Pin 1, Pin 3 = Vin) Output Signal at Minimum Volume Setting (Pin 1 = Gnd, Pin 3 = Vin ) Video Detector Sync to Audio Channel Crosstalk Fixed Output Variable Output Audio Channel Crosstalk Fixed Output to Variable Output Variable Output to Fixed Output

Rin(AM) Cin(AM) VO(Snd) THD CtlkFM VO(Snd) CtlkVD

1. Vin = 1.0 mVrms signal at 45.75 MHz with 75% modulated staircase at 3.58 MHz. 2. Vin = 100 µVrms signal at 41.25 MHz added to signal in Note 1. 3. Differential carrier level at video IF inputs to cause the negative detector output to go positive 0.1 V from ground. 4. FM Modulation = ±25 kHz deviation at 1.0 kHz for 4.5 MHz intercarrier. ±50 kHz deviation at 1.0 kHz for 5.5 MHz intercarrier. 5. AM Modulation = 30% depth at 1.0 kHz for 4.5 MHz and 5.5 MHz intercarrier. V O(FM) 6. AM Rejection (dB) = 20 log V O(AM) 7. Tested with 15 µH sound quadrature coil in parallel with 68 pF and k. 8. The AFT output can be disabled by leaving Pin 12 disconnected or by biasing it to the voltage level shown above. When disabled, the output will be internally clamped to one half of VCC.


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