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The MC44460 Picture­in­Picture (PIP) controller is a low cost member of a family of high performance PIP controllers and video signal processors for television. It is NTSC compatible and contains all the analog signal processing, control logic and memory necessary to provide for the overlay of a small picture from a second non synchronized source onto the main picture of a television. All control and setup of the MC44460 is via a standard two pin I2C bus interface. The device is fabricated using BICMOS technology. It is available a 56­pin shrink dip (SDIP) package. The main features of the MC44460 are: Two NTSC CVBS Inputs

Switchable Main and PIP Video Signals Single NTSC CVBS Output Allows Simple TV Chassis Integration Two PIP Sizes; 1/16 and 1/9 Screen Area Freeze Field Feature Variable PIP Position by 64­Y Steps PIP Border with Programmable Color Programmable PIP Tint and Saturation Control Automatic Main to PIP Contrast Balance Vertical Filter Integrated 64 k Bit DRAM Memory Resulting in Minimal RFI Minimal RFI Allows Simple Low Cost Application into TV I2C Bus Control ­ No External Variable Adjustments Needed Operates from a Single 5.0 V Supply Economical 56­Pin Shrink DIP Package Representative Block Diagram

Decoder Clamp Caps Sync Out 28 Low Pass Filter Band Pass Filter Y Decoder ACC Main Out Decoder Xtal Decoder PLL 16 FSC PLL NTSC Encoder 90° 4X S/C Osc + PLL PIP Switch NTSC Decoder U 57.28 MHz U V Clamp Multiplexer U 6­Bit ADC 3 6 Vert 6 3.0 MHz LPF 3.0 MHz LPF 3.0 MHz LPF 54 U DAC V DAC Y DAC 6 Digital Logic Filter PLL 33 Filter Tracking 41 42 ADC Mid­Ref Sync In H PLL 503 kHz Res

Device MC44460B Operating Temperature Range to +150°C Package SDIP

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. © Motorola, Inc. 1996

Hin Vin SCL SDA Reset Iref 16 FSC Filter VDD (dig) VSS (dig) Video 1/2 Select N/C VDD (mem) VSS (mem) N/C Sync Out

N/C Encoder V Cap Encoder U Cap Endoder Y Cap ADC Mid Ref Video Out VCC Video Out Analog Gnd Encoder Xtal Encoder PLL Encoder ACC Encoder Phase Analog VCC Decoder V Cap Decoder U Cap Decoder Y Cap Decoder PLL Decoder Xtal Decoder ACC Video In 1 Analog Gnd Video In 2 Filter PLL 503 kHz Resonator H PLL Multi Test Sync In

Rating Symbol VDD VCC VIR IO Value Unit V Power Supply Voltage Power Supply Voltage Input Voltage Range Output Current +6.0 ­0.5, VDD mA Power Dissipation Maximum Power Dissipation @ 70°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air Junction Temperature (Storage and Operating)

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = VDD = 25°C, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristic Symbol Min POWER SUPPLY Typ Max Unit Total Supply (Pins 15, 43 and 50) Total ISupply 160 mA VIDEO Composite Video Input (Pin or 36) CVi Vpp Vdc dB Composite Video Output (Pin 49, Unterminated) Video Output DC Level (Sync Tip) Video Gain Video Frequency Response (Main Video to ­1.0 dB) Color Bar Accuracy MHz deg dB Video Crosstalk 75% Color Bars) Main to PIP to Main Output Impedance ­ 5.0 HORIZONTAL TIMEBASE Free Run HPLL Frequency (Pin 16) HPLL Pull­In Range HPLL Jitter Hz ns Burst Gate Timing (from Trailing Edge Hsync, Pin 24) Burst Gate Width µs VERTICAL TIMEBASE Vertical Countdown Window H lines µs Vertical Sync Integration Time ANALOG TO DIGITAL CONVERTER Resolution Bits Integral Non­Linearity ±1.0 LSB Differential Non­Linearity +2.0/­1.0 1.0 ADC ­ Y Frequency Response ­5.0 dB MHz kHz ADC U, V Frequency Response ­5.0 dB Sample Clock Frequency (4/3 FSC) 200 4.773 MHz


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