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Advance Information High Performance Current Mode Controller

The is an enhanced high performance fixed frequency current mode controller that is specifically designed for off­line and high voltage dc­to­dc converter applications. This device has the unique ability of changing operating modes if the converter output is overloaded or shorted, offering the designer additional protection for increased system reliability. The MC44602 has several distinguishing features when compared to conventional current mode controllers. These features consist of a foldback amplifier for overload detection, valid load and demag comparators with a fault latch for short circuit detection, thermal shutdown, and separate high current source and sink outputs that are ideally suited for driving a high voltage bipolar power transistor, such as the or MJE18006. Standard features include an oscillator with a sync input, a temperature compensated reference, high gain error amplifier, and a current sensing comparator. Protective features consist of input and reference undervoltage lockouts each with hysteresis, cycle­by­cycle current limiting, a latch for single pulse metering, and a flip­flop which blanks the output off every other oscillator cycle, allowing output deadtimes to be programmed from to 70%. This device is manufactured a 16 pin dual­in­line heat tab package for improved thermal conduction. Separate High Current Source and Sink Outputs Ideally Suited for Driving Bipolar Power Transistors: 1.0 A Source, 1.5 A Sink Unique Overload and Short Circuit Protection

Thermal Protection Oscillator with Sync Input Current Mode Operation to 500 kHz Output Switching Frequency Output Deadtime Adjustable from to 70% Automatic Feed Forward Compensation Latching PWM for Cycle­By­Cycle Current Limiting Input and Reference Undervoltage Lockouts with Hysteresis Low Startup and Operating Current Simplified Block Diagram

Vref 16 Vref Undervoltage Lockout Sync Input 7 Oscillator 8 Short Circuit Detection Load Detect Input 2 14 Flip Flop and Latching PWM Thermal 11 Sink Output 10 Sink Ground Foldback Amplifier 6 VC Source Output 5.0V Reference VCC Undervoltage Lockout 5 15 VCC 12 11 Source Output 10 Sink Output 9

Compensation 1 Load Detect Input 2 Voltage Feedback Input 3
Current Sense Input 6 Sync Input 7 RT/CT 8 (Top View)

Rating Total Power Supply and Zener Current Sink Ground Voltage with Respect to Gnd (Pin 9) Output Supply Voltage with Respect to Sink Gnd (Pins Output Current (Note 1) Source Sink Output Energy (Capacitive Load per Cycle) Current Sense and Voltage Feedback Inputs Sync Input High State Voltage Low State Reverse Current Load Detect Input Current Error Amplifier Output Sink Current Power Dissipation and Thermal Characteristics Maximum Power Dissipation = 25°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Case Operating Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature

NOTE: 1. Maximum package power dissipation limits must be observed.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC and 12 V [Note = 1.0 nF, for typical values = 25°C, for min/max values to +85°C [Note 3] unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristic ERROR AMPLIFIER SECTION Voltage Feedback Input (VO = 2.5V) Input Bias Current (VFB 2.5 V) Open Loop Voltage Gain (VO 4.0 V) Unity Gain Bandwidth to +85°C Power Supply Rejection Ratio (VCC 16 V) Output Current Sink (VO 1.5 V, VFB 2.7 V) Sink = 25°C Sink to +85°C Source (VO 5.0 V, VFB 2.3 V) Source = 25°C Source to +85°C Output Voltage Swing High State (IO(Source) = 0.5 mA, VFB 2.3 V) Low State (IO(Sink) = 0.33 mA, VFB 2.7 V) VFB IIB AVOL 1.0 0.8 PSRR ISink ­ 1.5 ISource ­ ­2.0 VOH VOL µA dB MHz Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

NOTES: 2. Adjust VCC above the startup threshold before setting 12V. 3. Low duty cycle pulse techniques are used during test to maintain junction temperature as close to ambient as possible.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC and 12 V [Note = 1.0 nF, for typical values = 25°C, for min/max values to +85°C [Note 3] unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristic OSCILLATOR SECTION Frequency to +85°C Frequency Change with Voltage (VCC 18 V) Frequency Change with Temperature Oscillator Voltage Swing (Peak­to­Peak) Discharge Current (VOSC to +85°C Sync Input Threshold Voltage High State Low State Sync Input Resistance to +85°C REFERENCE SECTION Reference Output Voltage (IO = 1.0 mA) Line Regulation (VCC 18 V) Load Regulation (IO to 20 mA) Temperature Stability Total Output Variation over Line, Load and Temperature Output Noise Voltage to 10 kHz, = 25°C) Long Term Stability (TA = 125°C for 1000 Hours) Output Short Circuit Current to +85°C CURRENT SENSE SECTION Current Sense Input Voltage Gain (Notes to +85°C Maximum Current Sense Input Threshold (Note 4) Input Bias Current Propagation Delay (Current Sense Input to Sink Output) UNDERVOLTAGE LOCKOUT SECTIONS Startup Threshold (VCC Increasing) Minimum Operating Voltage After Turn­On (VCC Decreasing) Reference Undervoltage Threshold (Vref Decreasing) Vth VCC(min) Vref(UVLO) 2.85 2.7 Vth IIB tPLH(in/out) µA ns V/V Vref Regline Regload TS Vref Vn S ISC V mV mV/°C mV mA fOSC 168 160 fOSC/V fOSC/T VOSC(pp) Idischg 6.5 6.0 VIH VIL Rin 1.7 k %/V %/°C V mA kHz Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

NOTES: 2. Adjust VCC above the startup threshold before setting 12V. 3. Low duty cycle pulse techniques are used during test to maintain junction temperature as close to ambient as possible. 4. This parameter is measured at the latch trip point with IFB = ­5.0 µA, refer to Figure 9. V Compensation 5. Comparator gain is defined = V Current Sense Input


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