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The is a tuning circuit for TV and VCR tuner applications. It contains, on one chip, all the functions required for PLL control of a VCO. This integrated circuit also contains a high frequency prescaler and thus can handle frequencies to 1.3 GHz. The is a pin compatible drop in replacement for the MC44817, where the only difference is the MC44818 has a fixed divide­by­8 prescaler (cannot be bypassed) and the MC44817 uses the three wire bus. The MC44818 has a programmable 512/1024 reference divider and is manufactured on a single silicon chip using Motorola's high density bipolar process, MOSAICTM (Motorola Oxide Self Aligned Implanted Circuits). Complete Single Chip System for MPU Control (I2C Bus). Data and Clock Inputs are 3­Wire Bus Compatible Divide­by­8 Prescaler Accepts Frequencies to 1.3 GHz

15 Bit Programmable Divider Accepts Input Frequencies to 165 MHz Reference Divider: Programmable for Division Ratios 512 and 1024. 3­State Phase/Frequency Comparator Operational Amplifier for Direct Tuning Voltage Output (30 V) Four Integrated PNP Band Buffers for 14.4 V) Output Options for the Reference Frequency and the Programmable Divider High Sensitivity Preamplifier Circuit to Detect Phase Lock Fully ESD Protected

Bands Out 20 k Fout Fref Test Logic DTB1 Gnd B1 B0 Buffers Latches T10, T11 P­On Reset DTB2 POR AS Data Clock 2 I2C Bus Receiver CL Data RL DTF 4 Shift Register 15 Bit 15 Latches A Osc Latches B 3 XTAL 6 512/1024 Latches Fout Fref 2.7 V Operational Amplifier Phase Comp Amp In VTUN VCC2 6

DTS, EN This device contains 3,204 active transistors.

Rating Power Supply Voltage (VCC1) Band Buffer "Off" Voltage Band Buffer "On" Current Band Buffer ­ Short Circuit Duration to VCC3) (Note 2) Operational Amplifier Power Supply Voltage (VCC2) Operational Amplifier Short Circuit Duration to VCC2) Power Supply Voltage (VCC3) Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Range Band Buffer Operation (Note 50 mA each Buffer All Buffers "On" Simultaneously Operational Amplifier Output Voltage RF Input Level (10 MHz to 1.3 GHz) Pin Value 14.4 50 Continuous 40 Continuous VCC2 1.5 Unit mA °C sec V Vrms

Characteristic VCC1 Supply Voltage Range VCC1 Supply Current V) VCC2 Supply Voltage Range VCC2 Supply Current (Output Open) Band Buffer Leakage Current when "Off" 12 V Band Buffer Saturation Voltage when "On" 30 mA Band Buffer Saturation Voltage when "On" 40 mA only for to 80°C Data/Clock Current 0 V Clock Current 5.0 V Data Current 5.0 V Acknowledge "Off" Data Saturation Voltage 15 mA Acknowledge "On" Data/Clock Input Voltage Low Data/Clock Input Voltage High Clock Frequency Range Oscillator Frequency Range Operational Amplifier Internal Reference Voltage Operational Amplifier Input Current DC Open Loop Voltage Gain Bandwidth Product (CL = 1.0 nF) Vout Low, Sinking 50 ľA Vout High, Sourcing 10 ľA, VCC2 ­ Vout Phase Detector Current in the High Impedance State Charge Pump High Current of Phase Comparator Charge Pump Low Current of Phase Comparator VCC3 Supply Voltage Range VCC3 Supply Current All Buffers "Off" One Buffer "On" when Open One Buffer "On" 40 mA Pin Min VCC1 Typ Max Unit ľA V kHz MHz V nA V/V MHz V mA

Data Format and Bus Receiver The circuit receives the information for tuning and control via the I2C bus. The incoming information, consisting of a chip address byte followed by two or four data bytes, is treated in the I2C bus receiver. The definition of the permissible bus protocol is shown below: FL BA STO FM FL

CO BA STO STA = Start Condition STO = Stop Condition CA = Chip Address Byte CO = Data Byte for Control Information BA = Band Information FM = Data Byte for Frequency Information FL = Data Byte for Frequency Information


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