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The MC44827/27B are tuning circuits for TV and VCR tuner applications. They contain on one chip all the functions required for PLL control of a VCO. The integrated circuits also contain a high frequency prescaler and thus can handle frequencies to 1.3 GHz. The MC44827 has programmable 512/1024 reference divider while the MC44827B has a fixed reference divider of 1024. The MC44827/27B offer the same features as MC44817/17B but has improved sensitivity performance and reduced power dissipation. The low frequency preamplifier has been removed and the operational amplifier pull­up resistor has been increased 60 k. The MC44827/27B are controlled via a 3­wire bus. The MC44827/27B have the same functions as the MC44828 which is I2C bus controlled. The MC44827/27B and the MC44828 can be exchanged to allow conversion between 3­wire bus and I2C bus control. The MC44827/27B are manufactured on a single silicon chip using Motorola's high density bipolar process, MOSAICTM (Motorola Oxide Self Aligned Implanted Circuits).

Complete Single Chip System for MPU Control (3­Wire Bus). Data and Clock Inputs are I2C Bus Compatible Divide­by­8 Prescaler Accepts Frequencies to 1.3 GHz 15 Bit Programmable Divider Accepts Input Frequencies to 165 MHz 3­State Phase/Frequency Comparator Operational Amplifier for Direct Tuning Voltage Output (30 V) Four Integrated PNP Band Buffers can drive 14.4 V) Output Options for the Reference Frequency and the Programmable Divider Bus Protocol for or 19 Bit Transmission Extra 34­Bit Protocol for Test and Further Features High Sensitivity Preamplifier Lower Power Consumption, 200 mW Typical Improved Prescaler with Higher Margins for Sensitivity and Temperature Range Lock Detector with Push­Pull Output Space­Saving TSSOP Package ESD Protected to MIL­STD­883C, Method (1.5 k,100 pF)

HF In Device MC44827DTB MC44827BDTB Operating Temperature Range + 80°C Package TSSOP­16 (Top View)

VTUN k (1) Fout Fref 9 Gnd P­On Reset CL 3­Wire Bus Receiver Data RL DTF Test Logic B2 B1 Buffers Latches T5 DTB2 POR 4 Shift Register 15 Bit 15 Latches A Osc Latches B 3 XTAL TDI Ref Divider 6 Latches Fout B0 Vref Operational Amplifier Phase Comp 4 Amp V 6

Preamp In ÷8 Prescaler Program Divider 15 Bit Fout Latch Control
DTS, EN This device contains 3,204 active transistors.

NOTE: 1. This part may be used with an external pull­up resistor k to remain compatible with MC44817/17B designed tuners. Pin 6 is left open. The internal pull­up can also be used with an external resistor in parallel.

Rating Power Supply Voltage (VCC1) Band Buffer "Off" Voltage Band Buffer "On" Current Band Buffer Pin Shorted to Ground or VCC3 (Short Circuit Duration) (Note 1) Operational Amplifier Power Supply Voltage (VCC2) Operational Amplifier Pin Shorted to Ground or VCC2 (Short Circuit Duration) Power Supply Voltage (VCC3) Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Range Band Buffer Operation (Note 50 mA each Buffer All Buffers "On" Simultaneously Operational Amplifier Output Voltage RF Input Level (80 MHz to 1.3 GHz)

NOTES: 14.4 V and + 80°C one buffer "On" only. 14.4 V and 80°C. 3. ESD data available upon request.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Parameter Type: A­100% Tested, B­100% Correlation Tested, C­Characterized on Samples,

D­Design Parameter. = 25°C, unless otherwise noted.) Characteristic VCC1 Supply Voltage Range VCC2 Supply Voltage Range VCC3 Supply Voltage Range VCC1 Supply Current 12 V) One Buffer "On" VCC2 Supply Current (Output Open) VTUN V VCC3 Supply Current All Buffers "Off" One Buffer "On" when Open One Buffer "On" 40 mA Band Buffer Leakage Current when "Off" 12 V Band Buffer Saturation Voltage when "On" 30 mA Band Buffer Saturation Voltage when "On" 40 mA Data/Clock/Enable Current 0 V Data/Clock/Enable Current 5.0 V Data/Clock/Enable Input Voltage Low Data/Clock/Enable Input Voltage High Clock Frequency Range Oscillator Frequency Range Operational Amplifier Internal Reference Voltage Operational Amplifier Input Current DC Open Loop Gain Bandwidth Product (CL = 1.0 nF) Vout Low, Sinking 50 µA (Note 1) Vout High, Sourcing 3.0 µA, VCC2 ­ Vout Phase Comparator 3­State Current Charge Pump High Current of Phase Comparator Charge Pump Low Current of Phase Comparator

NOTE: 1. Using the internal 60 k pull­up resistor only.
Figure 2. HF (Prescaler Input) Sensitivity Test Circuit

NOTES: 1. Device is in test mode. B2, B3 are "On" and B0, B1 are "Off". 2. Sensitivity is level of HF generator on 50 load.


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