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PLL Tuning Circuit with 1.3 GHz Prescaler and D/A Converters for Automatic Tuner Alignment

The is a tuning circuit for TV applications. This device contains a PLL section and a DAC section and is MCU controlled through an I2C Bus. The PLL section contains all the functions required to control the VCO a TV tuner. The IC generates the tuning voltage and the additional control signals, such as band switching voltages. The D/A section generates three additional varactor voltages to feed all of the varactors of the tuner with individually optimized control voltages (automatic tuner adjustment). The MC44864 is manufactured on a single silicon chip using Motorola's high density bipolar process, MOSIACTM (Motorola Oxide Self­Aligned Implanted Circuits).

Complete Single Chip System for MPU Control Selectable ÷8 Prescaler Accepts Frequencies to 1.3 GHz 15 Bit Programmable Divider Accepts Input Frequencies to 165 MHz Programmable Reference Divider 3­State Phase/Frequency Comparator Operational Amplifier for Direct Varactor Control with Low Saturation Voltage Four Output Buffers (15 mA) Output Options for 62.5 kHz, Reference Frequency and the Programmable Divider The HF Input is Symmetrical Three 6 Bit DACs for Automatic Tuner Adjustment Allowing Use of Non­Matched Varactors Better Tuner Performances Through Optimum Filter Response I2C Bus Controlled Four Chip Addresses for the PLL Section Four Chip Addresses for the D/A Section ESD Protected to MIL­STD­883C, Method k, 150 pF) PIN CONNECTIONS

Rating Power Supply Voltage (VCC1) Band Buffer "Off" Voltage Band Buffer "On" Current Operational Amplifier Power Supply Voltage (VCC2) Operational Amplifier Short Circuit Duration to VCC2) Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Range

Fref Decoder DTC Shift Register 8 Bit Fout Phase Comp Fref

13 DTB 18 19 FUN I2C Bus Receiver AD1 AD2 DTF Latches A TDI Latches B CL Data Shift Register 15 Bit Latches Ref Divider F1 62.5 kHz 4.0 MHz Osc 1 20 XTAL Gnd

Preamp 1 ÷8 Presc Program Divider 15 Bit Latch Control AVA Preamp 2

Characteristic VCC1 Supply Voltage Range VCC1 Supply Current V)(1)(2) VCC2 Supply Voltage Range VCC2 Supply Current (Output Open) Band Buffer Leakage Current when "Off" 12 V Band Buffer Saturation Voltage when "On" 15 mA Data/Clock Current 0 V Clock Current 5.0 V Data Current 5.0 V Acknowledge "Off" Data Saturation Voltage 15 mA Acknowledge "On" Data/Clock Input Voltage Low Data/Clock Input Voltage High Clock Frequency Range Phase Detector Current in High Impedance State Oscillator Frequency Range Phase Detector High­State Source Current 1.5 V) Phase Detector Low­State Sink Current 4.0 V) Operational Amplifier Internal Reference Voltage Operational Amplifier Input Current DC Open Loop Gain Bandwidth Product Phase Margin Vout Low, Sinking 50 µA Vout High, Sourcing (VCC2 ­ Vout High) Tuning Voltage (DC) D/A Converters Step Size(3) D/A Converters Temperature Drift DAC Offset at VTUN 2.5 V DAC Offset at VTUN 25 V DAC Voltages (DC) Pin Min Typ Max Unit µA V kHz nA MHz V nA V/V MHz Deg. V LSB mV V

NOTES: 1. When prescaler "Off", typical supply current is decreased by 10 mA. 2. Band Buffers "Off", 2.4 mA more when one buffer is on. 3. For definition of the LSB, see Figure 9 in the D/A section. mA as long as the analog outputs are not in saturation high, which means VTUN, VDAC (Pins lower than 1.5 V. When all outputs are in saturation high the maximum VCC2 current is 5.0 mA.


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