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The is a tuning circuit for TV, VCR and Multimedia tuner applications. This device contains on one chip all the functions required for PLL control of a VCO. This integrated circuit also contains a high frequency prescaler and thus can handle frequencies to 1.3 GHz. The MC44871 has an integrated dc/dc converter to generate the 30 V supply voltage for the tuning amplifier on the chip. A tuner using the MC44871 does not require an external 30 V supply. The MC44871 is controlled a I2C bus, and has a chip address function. The MC44871 data format is the same as the MC44818. The MC44871 is manufactured on a single silicon chip using Motorola's high density bipolar process, MOSAICTM (Motorola Oxide Self Aligned Implanted Circuits).

The Pin Called VCC2 for the MC44818 is Now Called CP (Charge Pump). This Pin is the Output of the DC/DC Converter; 1.0 nF Capacitor Replaces the Need for an External 30 V Supply High Speed I2C Bus (up to 800 kHz) I2C Bus Read Mode for Lock Detector and AFC Level HF Input is Balanced MC44871 has Three PNP High Current (30 mA) Band Buffers B1, B2) and One NPN Low Current (5.0 mA) Band Buffer (B4) VCC Internally Supplies PNP Band Buffers The Tuning Voltage is Generated Through an External Pull­Up Resistor (750 k) Less Phase Comparator Output Current Single 5.0 V Supply Operation

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VTUN R1 C1 VCC CP 2 DC/DC Converter Bands Out VTUN 1 16 Vref Operational Amplifier T10, T11 P­On Reset DTB2 POR SDA SCL ADD 12 I2C Bus Receiver CLO Data RL DTF 4 Shift Register 15 Bit 15 Latches or 4.0 MHz 15 Xtal Osc ADC 10 Preamp 4 ÷8 Prescaler Program Divider 15 Bit Fout Latch Control Latches B TDI Ref Divider 6 Latches Fout Phase Comp Amp C3 R2

DTS This device contains 3,204 active transistors. Approximate values of the external components for generation of the tuning voltage are: 1.0 nF Charge Pump filter capacitor (560 k minimum) Pull­up resistor 330 pF VTUN filter capacitor = 47 nF, = 22 nF, 39 k Loop filter These component values depend on the application.

MAXIMUM RATINGS (Maximum ratings are those values beyond which permanent damage to the device may occur. Exposure to those limits may also affect device reliability; = 25°C, unless otherwise noted.)

Rating Power Supply Voltage (VCC) Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Range Operational Amplifier Output Voltage RF Input Level 80 MHz to 1.3 GHz NPN Band Buffer "Off" Voltage NPN Band Buffer "On" Current PNP Band Buffer "Off" Voltage PNP Band Buffer "On" Current PNP Band Buffer ­ Short Circuit Duration (Note 1) Band Buffer Operation 40 mA all PNP Buffers "On" Pin Value ­20 to Continuous 10 Unit °C V Vrms ­ s

NOTES: 1. At VCC 5.0 V and to +80°C one buffer "On" only. 2. ESD data available upon request.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Parameter Type: A­100% Tested, B­100% Correlation Tested, C­Characterized on

Samples, D­Design Parameter, VCC = 25°C, unless otherwise specified, 750 k pull­up resistor between CP [Pin2] and VTUN [Pin 1].) Characteristic VCC Supply Voltage Range VCC Supply Current (All Buffers "Off") One Buffer "On" when Open One Buffer "On" 40 mA PNP Band Buffer B1, B2 Leakage Current when "Off" PNP Band Buffer B1, B2 Saturation Voltage when "On" 30 mA NPN Band Buffer B4 Leakage Current when "Off" NPN Band Buffer "Off" Voltage NPN Band Buffer B4 Saturation Voltage when "On" 1.0 µA NPN Band Buffer B4 Voltage when "On" 5.0 mA Reference Oscillator Frequency Range Phase Comparator 3­State Current Phase Comparator Output Current ­ High Value Phase Comparator Output Current ­ Low Value DC­DC Converter Output Voltage, Sourcing 50 µA DC­DC Converter Maximum Current, Output Short Circuited DC­DC Converter setting time from VCC V to DC­DC Converter Voltage V @ Load k/1.0 nF Operational Amplifier Internal Reference Voltage (Vref) Operational Amplifier Input Current Operational Amplifier DC Open Loop Gain Operational Amplifier Gain Bandwidth Product (CL = 1.0 nF) Operational Amplifier Low Output Voltage, Sinking 50 µA Oscillator ­ Negative Resistance Pin Min Typ Max Unit mV V MHz nA ­ MHz V k Type


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