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APPLICATIONS s LINEAR AND SWITCHING INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION The is a silicon epitaxial planar NPN transistor intended for use in medium power linear and switching applications.It is mounted in SOT-32. The complementary PNP type is MJE350.

Symbol Parameter NPN PNP V CEO V EBO ot T stg Tj Collector-Emitter Voltage = 0) Emitt er-Base Voltage (IC = 0) Collector Current Total Power Dissipation at T case o C Storage T emperature Max Operating Junction T emperature Valu Un it

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tcase 25 oC unless otherwise specified)

Symb ol I CBO I EBO Parameter Collector Cut-off Current (IE = 0) Emitter Cut-off Current = 0) Test Cond ition mA 300 Min. Typ. Max. A V

DC Current Gain (NPN type) DC Current Gain (PNP type)
Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage (NPN type)
Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage (PNP type)


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11C90 : 650 MHZ Prescalers (obsolete). The 11C90 and 11C91 are high-speed prescalers designed specifically for communication and instrumentation applications All discussions and examples in this data sheet are applicable to the 11C91 as well as the 11C90 The 11C90 will divide or 11 and the or 6 both over a frequency range from DC to typically 650 MHz The division ratio is controlled by the Mode.

EPJ9125-F2 : RJ-45 Filter Port Jacks 10/100Base-T. Space Saving RJ-45 Connectors Surface Mount Package UL94V-0 rated high temp thermoplastic housing Contact plating : 15 inch gold flashed Complete Bob-Smith termination included OCL (H Min.) @ 100 KHz, 100m Vrms mA DC Bias 350 Insertion Loss (dB Max.) 1-80 MHz -1.0 100 MHz -1.5 1-30 MHz -20 Return Loss (dB Min.) @60 MHz -15 @80 MHz -12 CMRR (dB Min.).

GT-NE6H1925T : Neon Gas, Amber Color Indicator Tubes.

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TC74HC4028 : CMOS/BiCMOS->HC/HCT Family. Bcd-to-decimal Decoder.

LBN07505 : 75mhz IF SAW Filter 19mhz Bandwidth. China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.26 Research Institute For IF SAW filter High attenuation Single-ended operation Ceramic Surface Mount Package Small size s Center Frequency Insertion Loss 1 dB Bandwidth 3 dB Bandwidth 40 dB Bandwidth Passband Variation Absolute Delay Group Delay Variation(f09MHz) Ultimate Rejection Material Temperature.

CX5032GA10000H0QSWZZ : Crystal Units Surface Mount Type. Crystal Units Surface Mount Type (CX-2520SB) 2.52.0mm for Audio & Visual, Office Equipment Crystal unit for audio-visual, office equipment Ultra-miniature and low profile (2.5x2.0x0.45mm) Ceramic package A lead free product Reflow compatible Applications s Items Frequency Range Overtone Order Frequency Tolerance *Please inquire about frequencies other.

P2703A_L : Balanced Three-chip Sidactor. This three-chip SIDACtor solution offers a guaranteed balanced protection, based on a Littelfuse patent (US Patent 4,905,119). The `Y' configuration offers identical metallic and longitudinal protection in one through-hole modified TO-220 package. For primary protection applications, devices with higher holding current and integrated failsafe options.

PS399ESEE : Precision 8-ch, Diff. 4-ch, 17V Analog Multiplexers. Low On-Resistance (60-ohm typ.) Minimizes Distortion and Error Voltages Low Glitching Reduces Step Errors and Improves Settling Times. Charge Injection: <5pC Split-Supply Operation to +8V) Improved Second Sources for MAX398/MAX399 On-Resistance Matching Between Channels: <6Ohm On-Resistance Flatness: <11-ohm Low Off-Channel Leakage, INO(OFF).

UA7805CKTTR : Positive-voltage Regulators. 3-Terminal Regulators Output Current 1.5 A Internal Thermal-Overload Protection High Power-Dissipation Capability Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting Output Transistor Safe-Area Compensation This series of fixed-voltage integrated-circuit voltage regulators is designed for a wide range of applications. These applications include on-card regulation.

AFF-1330 : Attenuator, Fused Fiber. Environmentally stable High performance Broadband coverage Compact size Custom parts available Applications Power management in optical networks Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system channel balancing Receiver protection Test equipment The JDSU fused fiber attenuator is a compact, fused component that decreases optical power in telecommunications.

S30S45CR : Schottky Barrier Rectifiers. The I PAK Power rectifier employs the Schottky Barrier principle with a Molybdenum barrier metal. These state-of-the-art devices have the following : * Low Forward Voltage. * Low Switching noise. * High Current Capacity * Guarantee Reverse Avalanche. * Guard-Ring for Stress Protection. * Low Power Loss & High efficiency. * 150J Operating Junction Temperature.

TMT15124 : Ac/dc Power Modules. TMT Series, to 50 Watt Ultra compact, fully encapsulated Single-, dual- and triple output models 2 package styles: - with screw terminal block for chassis mount - with solder pins for PCB mount DIN-rail mount adaptor (option) Universal Input 85-264VAC, 50/60Hz Protection class ll Approved to IEC/UL 60950-1 and The TMT series power modules are AC/DC.

ISL76683 : Light-to-Digital Output Sensor With Gain Selection, Interrupt Function And I2C Interface The ISL76683 is an integrated light sensor with an internal integrating ADC intended for automotive applications. The ADC provides 16-bit resolution and is capable of rejecting 50Hz and 60Hz flicker caused by artificial light sources. The I2C interface provides.

08051A5R0BAT2A : 5.0pF Ceramic Capacitor 0805 (2012 Metric) 100V; CAP CER 5.0PF 100V NP0 0805. s: Capacitance: 5.0pF ; Voltage - Rated: 100V ; Tolerance: 0.1pF ; Package / Case: 0805 (2012 Metric) ; Temperature Coefficient: C0G, NP0 ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; : - ; Lead Spacing: - ; Operating Temperature: -55C ~ 125C ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount, MLCC.

ELL-8UV1R3N : Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 1.3H 5.4mA 0.370" L x 0.314" W x 0.244" H (9.40mm x 8.00mm x 6.20mm) Ferrite Core; CHOKE COIL 1.3UH 5.4MA SMD. s: Inductance: 1.3H ; Tolerance: 30% ; Package / Case: 0.370" L x 0.314" W x 0.244" H (9.40mm x 8.00mm x 6.20mm) ; Packaging: Digi-Reel ; Type: Ferrite Core ; Current: 5.4mA ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Q @ Freq:.

0216008.MXE- : Fuse Circuit Protection 8A 250VAC Fast Acting; FUSE 8A FAST 5X20 HI BRK AXIAL. s: Current: 8A ; Voltage - Rated: 250VAC ; Package / Case: Axial, 5x20mm ; Fuse Type: Fast Acting ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Lead Free Status: Contains Lead ; RoHS Status: RoHS Non-Compliant.

V300B3V3E150B : Dc Dc Converter Power Supply - Board Mount; CONVERTER MOD DC/DC 3.3V 150W. s: Type: Isolated ; Number of Outputs: 1 ; Voltage - Input (Min): 180V ; Voltage - Input (Max): 375V ; Voltage - Output 1: 3.3V ; Voltage - Output 2: - ; Voltage - Output 3: - ; Current - Output (Max): * ; Power (Watts) - Manufacture Series: 150W ; Voltage - Isolation: * ; Lead.

TV06RW : ALUMINUM ALLOY, FEMALE; MALE, MIL SERIES CONNECTOR, CRIMP, PLUG. s: Applications: Military Connector ; Gender: FEMALE; MALE ; Termination Types: Crimp.

4420-4-1 : BRASS, GOLD FINISH, WIRE TERMINAL. s: Terminal Type: Wire Connector ; Material: BRASS.

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