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Matched quad high-performance low-voltage operational amplifier

The is a matched, low voltage, high performance quad operational amplifier. Among its unique input and output characteristics is the capability for both input and output rail-to-rail operation, particularly critical in low voltage applications. The output swings to less than 50mV of both rails across the entire power supply range. The NE/SA5234 is capable of delivering 5.5V peak-to-peak across a 600 load and will typically draw only 700A per amplifier. The bandwidth is 2.5MHz and the 1% settling time is 1.4s.


Output swing within 50mV of both rails Functionality to 1.8V typical Low current consumption: 700A per amplifier +15mA output current capability Unity gain bandwidth: 2.5MHz Slew rate: 0.8V/s Low noise: 25nV/Hz Electrostatic discharge protection Short-circuit protection Output inversion prevention

Automotive electronics Signal conditioning and sensing amplification Portable instrumentation
Test and measurement Medical monitors and diagnostics Remote meters
Error amplifier in motor drives Transducer buffer amplifier

DESCRIPTION 14-Pin Plastic Small Outline (SO) package 14-Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Package (DIP) 14-Pin Plastic Small Outline (SO) package 14-Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Package (DIP) TEMPERATURE RANGE to +85C ORDER CODE SA5234D SA5234N DWG 0175D 0405B

SYMBOL VCC VESD VS VDP IDP VIN VCM PD TJ VSC TSTG TSOLD JA Single supply voltage ESD protection voltage at any pin5 human body model robot model Dual supply voltage Voltage at any device pin1 Current into any device pin1 Differential input voltage2 Common-mode input voltage (positive) Common-mode input voltage (negative) Power dissipation3 Operating junction temperature3 Supply voltage allowing indefinite output short circuit to either Storage temperature range Lead soldering temperature (10sec max) Thermal impedance 14 pin Plastic DIP 14 pin Plastic 115 rail3,4 PARAMETER RATING VS VCC + 0.5 VEE +150 +300 UNITS V mW

NOTES: 1. Each pin is protected by ESD diodes. The voltage at any pin is limited by the ESD diodes. 2. The differential input of each amplifier is limited by two internal diodes, connected in parallel and opposite to each other. For more differential input range, use differential resistors in series with the input pins. 3. The maximum operating junction temperature +150C. At elevated temperatures, devices must be derated according to the package thermal resistance and device mounting conditions. Derates above +25C: F package 6.7mW/C; N package 9.5mW/C; D package 6.25mW/C. 4. Simultaneous short circuits of two or more amplifiers to the positive or negative rail can exceed the power dissipation ratings and cause eventual destruction of the device. 5. Guaranteed by design.

SYMBOL VCC VS VCM TA Single supply voltage Dual supply voltage Common-mode input voltage (positive) Common-mode input voltage (negative) Temperature to +85 PARAMETER RATING to +2.75 VCC + 0.25 VEE - 0.25 UNITS

DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VCC to 5.5V, VEE = 25C; VEE < VCM < VCC; unless otherwise stated.

LIMITS SYMBOL PARAMETER TEST CONDITIONS MIN VCC = 5.5V ICC Supply current VCC = 5.5V over full temperature range Over full temperature range NE5234 TYP 3.0 0.2 VOS VOS/T Offset voltage Offset voltage drift with temperature Offset voltage difference between any amplifiers in the same package at the same common mode level1 Offset current Offset current drift with temperature VEE < VCM < VEE +0.5V IB Input bias current1 Over full temperature range VEE +1V < VCM < VCC Over full temperature range IB/T Input bias current drift with temperature VEE < VCM < VEE +0.5V IB Input bias current difference between any amplifier in the same package at the same common mode level. Over full temperature range VEE +1V < VCM < VCC Over full temperature range VOS < 6mV VCM Common-mode input range VOS < 6mV over full temperature range VEE < VCM < VEE+0.5V, Common-mode rejection ratio, small signal CMRR Common-mode rejection ratio, large signal VEE+1V < VCM < VCC Over full temperature range VEE < VCM < VCC Over full temperature range VEE < VCM < VCC PSRR Power supply rejection ratio Over full temperature range VEE-0.25 VEE-0.1 Over full temperature range Over full temperature range 0.8 3 IOS IOS/T VEE-0.25 VEE-0.1 MAX MIN SA5234 TYP 75 120 nA/C mV nA nA/C MAX mV V/C mA UNITS


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