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The is a low-power VHF monolithic double-balanced mixer with input amplifier, on-board oscillator, and voltage regulator. It is intended for high performance, low power communication systems. The guaranteed parameters of the SA602A make this device particularly well suited for cellular radio applications. The mixer is a "Gilbert cell" multiplier configuration which typically provides 18dB of gain at 45MHz. The oscillator will operate 200MHz. It can be configured as a crystal oscillator, a tuned tank oscillator, or a buffer for an external LO. For higher frequencies the LO input may be externally driven. The noise figure 45MHz is typically less than 5dB. The gain, intercept performance, low-power and noise characteristics make the NE/SA602A a superior choice for high-performance battery operated equipment. It is available an 8-lead dual in-line plastic package and 8-lead SO (surface-mount miniature package).


Low current consumption: 2.4mA typical Excellent noise figure: <4.7dB typical at 45MHz High operating frequency Excellent gain, intercept and sensitivity Low external parts count; suitable for crystal/ceramic filters SA602A meets cellular radio specifications

DESCRIPTION 8-Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Plastic (DIP) 8-Pin Plastic Small Outline (SO) package (Surface-mount) 8-Pin Ceramic Dual In-Line Package (Cerdip) 8-Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Plastic (DIP) 8-Pin Plastic Small Outline (SO) package (Surface-mount) 8-Pin Ceramic Dual In-Line Package (Cerdip)

Cellular radio mixer/oscillator Portable radio VHF transceivers RF data links HF/VHF frequency conversion Instrumentation frequency conversion Broadband LANs

SYMBOL VCC TSTG TA JA Maximum operating voltage Storage temperature range Operating ambient temperature range NE602A SA602A Thermal impedance D package N package PARAMETER RATING 90 75 UNITS V C C/W

AC/DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VCC = 25C; unless otherwise stated.

LIMITS SYMBOL VCC fIN fOSC PARAMETER Power supply voltage range DC current drain Input signal frequency Oscillator frequency Noise figure at 45MHz Third-order intercept point Conversion gain at 45MHz RIN CIN RF input resistance RF input capacitance Mixer output resistance (Pin or 5) RFIN = 45.06MHz TEST CONDITIONS MIN NE/SA602A TYP MAX V mA MHz dB dBm pF k UNITS

The is a Gilbert cell, an oscillator/buffer, and a temperature compensated bias network as shown in the equivalent circuit. The Gilbert cell is a differential amplifier (Pins 1 and 2) which drives a balanced switching cell. The differential input stage provides gain and determines the noise figure and signal handling performance of the system. The NE/SA602A is designed for optimum low power performance. When used with the a 45MHz cellular radio second IF and demodulator, the SA602A is capable of receiving -119dBm signals with a 12dB S/N ratio. Third-order intercept is typically -13dBm (that is approximately +5dBm output intercept because of the RF gain). The system designer must be cognizant of this large signal limitation. When designing LANs or other closed systems where transmission levels are high, and small-signal or signal-to-noise issues are not critical, the input to the NE602A should be appropriately scaled.

Besides excellent low power performance well into VHF, the NE/SA602A is designed to be flexible. The input, RF mixer output and oscillator ports can support a variety of configurations provided the designer understands certain constraints, which will be explained here. The RF inputs (Pins 1 and 2) are biased internally. They are symmetrical. The equivalent AC input impedance is approximately 1.5k 3pF through 50MHz. Pins 1 and 2 can be used interchangeably, but they should not be DC biased externally. Figure 5 shows three typical input configurations. The mixer outputs (Pins 4 and 5) are also internally biased. Each output is connected to the internal positive supply a 1.5k resistor. This permits direct output termination yet allows for balanced output as well. Figure 6 shows three single ended output configurations and a balanced output.

The oscillator is capable of sustaining oscillation beyond 200MHz in crystal or tuned tank configurations. The upper limit of operation is determined by tank "Q" and required drive levels. The higher the "Q" of the tank or the smaller the required drive, the higher the permissible oscillation frequency. If the required LO is beyond oscillation limits, or the system calls for an external LO, the external signal can be injected at Pin 6 through a DC blocking capacitor. External LO should be at least 200mVP-P. Figure 7 shows several proven oscillator circuits. Figure 7a is appropriate for cellular radio. As shown, an overtone mode of operation is utilized. Capacitor C3 and inductor L1 suppress oscillation at the crystal fundamental frequency. In the fundamental mode, the suppression network is omitted. Figure 8 shows a Colpitts varactor tuned tank oscillator suitable for synthesizer-controlled applications. It is important to buffer the

output of this circuit to assure that switching spikes from the first counter or prescaler do not end up in the oscillator spectrum. The dual-gate MOSFET provides optimum isolation with low current. The FET offers good isolation, simplicity, and low current, while the bipolar transistors provide the simple solution for non-critical applications. The resistive divider in the emitter-follower circuit should be chosen to provide the minimum input signal which will assure correct system operation. When operated above 100MHz, the oscillator may not start if the Q of the tank is too low. A 22k resistor from Pin 7 to ground will increase the DC bias current of the oscillator transistor. This improves the AC operating characteristic of the transistor and should help the oscillator to start. A 22k resistor will not upset the other DC biasing internal to the device, but smaller resistance values should be avoided.


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