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DescriptionIc-8-bit MCU
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Features, Applications

Only 58 single word instructions to learn All single cycle instructions (121 ns) except for program branches and table reads/writes which are two-cycle Operating speed: - 33 MHz clock input 121 ns instruction cycle x 8 Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier Interrupt capability 16 level deep hardware stack Direct, indirect, and relative addressing modes Internal/external program memory execution, Capable of addressing x 16 program memory space Memory Device Program 8K 16K Data (x8)

Power-on Reset (POR), Power-up Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST) Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own on-chip RC oscillator for reliable operation Brown-out Reset Code-protection Power saving SLEEP mode Selectable oscillator options

to 66 I/O pins with individual direction control 10-bit, multi-channel analog-to-digital converter High current sink/source for direct LED drive Four capture input pins - Captures are 16-bit, max resolution 121 ns Three PWM outputs (resolution TMR0: 16-bit timer/counter with 8-bit programmable prescaler TMR1: 8-bit timer/counter TMR2: 8-bit timer/counter TMR3: 16-bit timer/counter Two Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitters (USART/SCI) with Independent baud rate generators Synchronous Serial Port (SSP) with SPITM and I2CTM modes (including I2C master mode)

Low-power, high-speed CMOS EPROM technology Fully static design Wide operating voltage range to 5.5V) Commercial and Industrial temperature ranges Low-power consumption 5V, 4 MHz 100 A typical 4.5V, 32 kHz 1 A typical standby current @ 5V


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72401 : 64 X 4 Asyncfifo, 5.0V. First-ln/First-Out Dual-Port memory x 4 organization x 5 organization (IDT72402/72404) RAM-based FIFO with low falI-through time Low-power consumption Active: 175mW (typ.) Maximum shift rate 45MHz High data output drive capability Asynchronous and simultaneous read and write Fully expandable by bit width Fully expandable by word depth IDT72403/72404.

CAT34AC02 : Smbus EePROM For Acr Card Configuration, 2Kb. s Self-timed write cycle with auto-clear s 1,000,000 program/erase cycles s 100 year data retention s 8-pin DIP, 8-pin SOIC and 8-pin TSSOP packages x 8 memory organization s Hardware write protect s 16-byte page write buffer s Industrial, automotive and extended The a 2K-bit Serial CMOS EEPROM internally organized as 256 words of 8 bits each. Catalyst's.

MSU2031 : Application Specific. MSU2051/U2031 8-Bit Microcontroller:, Type: MCU.

N6100Z2100 : Controller Red.

XPJ1LUY41D : Material (Color) = GaAsP/GaP(Yellow);; Lens = Yellow Diffused;; Peak Wave Length = 590;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 8;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 14.

B65928 : PS 68 14,5 Core and Accessories. I Recommended for new designs I For inductive proximity switches I Material N22 for the frequency Coil former Material: GFR polyterephthalate (UL 94 V-0, insulation class to IEC 60085: F max. operating temperature 155 C); color code black A R value 62 Ordering code B65946-B-T1 Herausgegeben von EPCOS AG Marketing Kommunikation, Postfach Mnchen,.

M235QAN : 5x7 mm, 3.3 Volt, Hcmos/ttl Compatible Output, Clock Oscillator. 5x7 mm, 3.3 Volt, HCMOS/TTL Compatible Output, Clock Oscillator NOTE: A capacitor of value F or greater between Vdd and Ground is recommended. MtronPTI reserves the right to make changes to the product(s) and service(s) described herein without notice. No liability is assumed as a result of their use or application. Please see for our complete.

TL494_05 : Pulse-width-modulation Control Circuits. Complete PWM Power-Control Circuitry Uncommitted Outputs for 200-mA Sink or Source Current Output Control Selects Single-Ended or Push-Pull Operation Internal Circuitry Prohibits Double Pulse at Either Output Variable Dead Time Provides Control Over Total Range Internal Regulator Provides a Stable 5-V Reference Supply With 5% Tolerance Circuit Architecture.

PRS10011 : PLUG-IN SPEED SWITCH, SPDT. s: Contact Configuration: SPDT ; Switch Terminals: Screw ; Contact Current Max: 5A ; Contact Voltage AC Nom: 115V ; Contact Voltage DC Nom: 28V ; Switch Operation: - ; Operating Force: - ; External Height: 130.3mm ; External Width: 60.5mm ; External Depth: 44.5mm.

SWR204-NREN-D12-RA-GA : Tin Through Hole, Right Angle Rectangular - Headers, Male Pin Connectors, Interconnect Header, Shrouded; CONN HDR DUAL 2MM TIN 24POS R/A. s: Color: Gray ; Connector Type: Header, Shrouded ; Contact Finish: Tin ; Contact Mating Length: - ; : - ; Mounting Type: Through Hole, Right Angle ; Number of Positions Loaded: All ; Number of Rows: 2 ; Pitch: 0.079".

MS27468T15B97BB : Nickel, Olive Drab Cadmium Plated Panel Mount, Bulkhead - Front Side Nut Circular - Housing Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle for Female Contacts; CONN HSG RCPT 12POS JAMNUT SCKT. s: : Shielded ; Packaging: Bulk ; Connector Type: Receptacle for Female Contacts ; Mounting Type: Panel Mount, Bulkhead - Front Side Nut ; Shell Size - Insert: 15-97 ; Contact.

ELF-11M050E : 500mA Common Mode Choke Filter - Power Line; FILTER LINE 2.5MH 0.5A TYPE 11M. s: Inductance: 2.5mH ; Impedance: - ; DC Resistance (DCR): 930 mOhm Max ; Current: 500mA ; Filter Type: Power Line ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Package / Case: Vertical, 4 PC Pin ; Packaging: Bulk ; Lead Free Status: Contains Lead ; RoHS Status: RoHS Non-Compliant.

RNF-150-3/32-0-SP : Black Fluoropolymer Heat Shrink Tubing Cables, Wire - Management - Flame Retardant, Fluid Resistant; HEAT SHRINK TUBING. s: Color: Black ; : Flame Retardant, Fluid Resistant ; Inner Diameter - Recovered: 0.047" (1.2mm) ; Inner Diameter - Supplied: 0.093" (2.4mm) ; Length: - ; Material: Fluoropolymer ; Recovered Wall Thickness: 0.010" (0.25mm) ; Shrinkage.

FIRCH-4 : Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 5H 6.8A Radial -; INDUCTOR 6.80A 5.00UH ROD CORE. s: Inductance: 5H ; Tolerance: 15% ; Package / Case: Radial ; Packaging: Bulk ; Type: - ; Current: 6.8A ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Q @ Freq: - ; Frequency - Self Resonant: - ; DC Resistance (DCR): 14.1 mOhm Max ; Shielding: Unshielded ; Applications: General Purpose.

NR4010T4R7N : Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 4.7H 900mA 0.157" L x 0.157" W x 0.039" H (4.00mm x 4.00mm x 1.00mm) Ferrite Core; INDUCTOR WOUND 4.7UH .9A SMD. s: Inductance: 4.7H ; Tolerance: 30% ; Package / Case: 0.157" L x 0.157" W x 0.039" H (4.00mm x 4.00mm x 1.00mm) ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Type: Ferrite Core ; Current: 900mA ; Mounting Type: Surface.

ERJ-S1TF6492U : 64.9K Ohm 1W Chip Resistor - Surface Mount; RES ANTI-SULFUR 64.9KOHM 1% 2512. s: Resistance (Ohms): 64.9K ; Power (Watts): 1W ; Tolerance: 1% ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Composition: Thick Film ; Temperature Coefficient: 100ppm/C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

DZ2712000L : Diode - Zener - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 50nA @ 9V 12V 120mW Surface Mount; DIODE ZENER 12V 120MW SSSMINI2. s: Voltage - Zener (Nom) (Vz): 12V ; Power - Max: 120mW ; Impedance (Max) (Zzt): 30 Ohm ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If: 1V @ 10mA ; Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr: 50nA @ 9V ; Tolerance: 5% ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Package.


12E12D : 2-OUTPUT 3.25 W DC-DC UNREG PWR SUPPLY MODULE. s: Package Type: Other, PLUG IN-6 ; Output Voltage: 11.6 to 12.4 volts ; Input Voltage: 9 to 15 volts ; Output Power: 3.25 watts (0.0044 HP) ; Operating Temperature: -25 to 70 C (-13 to 158 F).

MNG18-6R/SK : CONN RING TONG 22-18AWG W/GRIP. Fifty years ago, 3M introduced the industry’s original insulation displacement connector: the 3M™ Scotchlok™ Connector UR. Today, with increased demand for high-speed and high-bandwidth networks, the complete series of 3M connectors and tools has evolved again. 3M has leveraged new technologies.

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