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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors
DescriptionTransistor MOSFET Sot223
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Features, Applications

Product Summary Drain source voltage Continuous drain current
Avalanche rated Logic Level dv/dt rated
Maximum Ratings,at = 25 C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Continuous drain current
Avalanche energy, periodic limited by Tjmax Reverse diode dv/dt

Thermal Characteristics Parameter Characteristics Thermal resistance, junction - soldering point (Pin 4) SMD version, device on PCB: @ min. footprint cm 2 cooling area 1) Symbol min. Values typ. -

Electrical Characteristics = 25 C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Static Characteristics Drain- source breakdown voltage Symbol min. Values typ. -1.5 max. nA V Unit

Gate threshold voltage, VGS = VDS -160 A Zero gate voltage drain current

on 40mm*40mm*1.5mm epoxy PCB FR4 with 6cm2 (one layer, 70 m thick) copper area for drain connection. PCB is vertical without blown air. Page 2

Electrical Characteristics, = 25 C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Values min. Dynamic Characteristics Transconductance typ.


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