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InGaAsP/InP - IRED Designed for application in fiber-optic Datacom systems Transmitter for the 2nd optical window (1300 nm) Suitable for bit rates to 50 Mbit/s 200 Mbit/s with appropriate pulse shaping of the modulation current High output power with double heterostructure High coupling efficiency into multimode fibers No z-adjustment necessary (optimum coupling on cap surface) Hermetically sealed 3-pin metal case

Maximum Ratings Parameter Forward current (DC) Forward current ( 10 s, D 1) Reverse voltage Operating and storage temperature Junction temperature Soldering time (wave / dip soldering), distance between solder point and base plate 2 mm, 260 C Symbol Values Unit C s

Characteristics All optical data refer to an ambient temperature of 25 C. Parameter Emission wavelength Spectral bandwidth % of max Opt. power coupled into 62.5 m multimode fiber, = 0.27 Opt. power coupled into 50 m multimode fiber, = 0.2 Forward voltage, mA DC Rise and fall time 50 mA Capacitance = 1 MHz Temp. coefficient of forward voltage, 50 mA Temp. coefficient of wavelength, 50 mA Temp. coefficient of opt. power, 50 mA Symbol c e Values Unit nm Notes

Operating Instructions In order to achieve an operating lifetime 105 h, which is required for Telcom applications, a forward current DC is recommended. Notes: 1) Driving current is a square wave, 50 % duty cycle, 60 mApk current at 1 MHz. e is the average optical power coupled into the specified fiber. 2) Optimum coupling on cap surface, no adjustment in z-axis necessary.


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