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DESCRIPTION The TXDV 408 808 use a high performance passivated glass alternistor technology. Featuring very high commutation levels and high surge current capability, this family is well adapted to power control on inductive load (motor, transformer...) ABSOLUTE RATINGS (limiting values)

Symbol IT(RMS) RMS on-state current (360° conduction angle) Non repetitive surge peak on-state current ( Tj initial 25°C ) Parameter

I2t value Critical rate of rise of on-state current Gate supply = 500mA diG/dt = 1A/µs

Storage and operating junction temperature range Maximum lead temperature for soldering during 4.5 mm from case

Symbol Rth (j-a) Junction to ambient Parameter Value 4 3 Unit °C/W

Rth (j-c) DC Junction to case for DC Rth (j-c) AC Junction to case for 360 ° conduction angle F= 50 Hz)

Symbol IGT VGT VGD tgt VD=12V Test Conditions (DC) RL=33 (DC) Tj=110°C Tj=25°C Quadrant I-II-III MAX MIN TYP Value Unit µs mA

Linear slope to VD=67%VDRM gate open (dV/dt)c = 200V/µs (dV/dt)c = 10V/µs
* For either polarity of electrode A2 voltage with reference to electrode A1.

Fig.1 : Maximum RMS power dissipation versus RMS on-state current (F=50Hz). (Curves are cut off by (dI/dt)c limitation) Fig.2 : Correlation between maximum RMS power dissipation and maximum allowable temperatures (Tamb and Tcase) for different thermal resistances heatsink + contact.

Fig.4 : Relative variation of thermal impedance versus pulse duration.
Fig.5 : Relative variation of gate trigger current and holding current versus junction temperature.
Fig.6 : Non Repetitive surge peak on-state current versus number of cycles.


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