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DescriptionThyristor 12a 100v
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DESCRIPTION The TYP 212 1012 Family uses high performance glass passivated chips technology. These Silicon Controlled Rectifiers are designed for overvoltage protection in crowbar circuits application.

Symbol IT(RMS) IT(AV) ITSM Parameter RMS on-state current (180 conduction angle, single phase circuit) Average on-state current (180 conduction angle, single phase circuit) Non repetitive surge peak on-state current ( Tj initial I2 t value Non repetitive surge peak on-state current ( Tj initial 25C ) Exponential pulse wave form Critical rate of rise of on-state current Gate supply 100 mA diG/dt = 1 A/s Storage and operating junction temperature range Maximum lead temperature for soldering during 4.5 mm from case 1 ms Value A2s A Unit A

Symbol Rth (j-a) Junction to ambient Parameter Value 60 1.3 Unit C/W

Symbol IGT VGT VGD tgt IL IH VTM IDRM IRRM dV/dt tq VD=12V Test Conditions (DC) RL=33 (DC) RL=33 Tj=25C Tj= 125C Tj=25C gate open Tj=25C Tj= 125C Tj= 125C Tj= 125C MIN TYP MAX MIN TYP MAX Value V/s s Unit V mA

Linear slope to VD=67%VDRM gate open VD=67%VDRM ITM = 50A VR= 25V dITM/dt=30 A/s dVD/dt= 50V/s

Fig.1 : Maximum average power dissipation versus average on-state current. Fig.2 : Correlation between maximum average power dissipation and maximum allowable temperatures (Tamb and T case) for different thermal resistances heatsink + contact.

Fig.4 : Relative variation of thermal impedance versus pulse duration.
Fig.5 : Relative variation of gate trigger current versus junction temperature.
Fig.6 : Non repetitive surge peak on-state current versus number of cycles.


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