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Description14 Pin Narrow Soic to Zip
CompanyAccutek Microcircuit Corporation
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Features, Applications


The Accutek family of AccuZIP adapter modules is designed to convert any digital integrated circuit in SOIC package to side-mounted ZIP modules. These AccuZIP modules can be used to save space on thru-hole boards or replace unavailable monolithic ZIP devices. The family consists of a series of unique low-profile printed circuit boards designed to accept ICs in either the narrow (0.150") or wide (0.300") SOIC packages along with a decoupling chip capacitor. The SOIC's are converted to standardized ZIP (ZIG ZAG In-line Package) components suitable for thru-hole mounting on complex circuit boards. Custom designed ZIP adapters are also supplied by Accutek for adapting SOIC packaged analog circuits, providing for power and ground on unique pins and special shielding between input and output functions. Two or more functions can be mounted on both sides of the adapter to create a low height multi-chip ZIP module. The low height of each module allows use in products with low height restrictions, such as circuit boards used in VMEbus, STDbus and Multibus II applications. The AccuZIP configurations depicted allow adaptation of nearly any digital integrated circuit for use where available circuit board space at a premium.


Unique configurations available for analog functions. Custom multi-chip configurations for special functions. Mother board circuit density dramatically increased by

Typical width needed for IC reduced from 0.325" to On-board decoupling capacitor chip reduces mother

(0.300") digital IC for high density designs board designs.
(Drawing depicts 20 lead AccuZIP adapter module)

14 Lead Narrow Body (N) Leads 16 Lead Narrow Body (N) Leads 16 Lead Wide Body (W) Leads 20 Lead Narrow Body (N) Leads 20 Lead Wide Body (W) Leads 24 Lead Wide Body (W) Leads 28 Lead Body (W) Leads Dimensions in inches. Pin-out sequence corresponds directly to that of IC used, with Pin 1 on the left edge of the front side,and the final even-numbered pin at the opposite end on the back side. Module Configuration Dimensions

While AccuZIP modules allow you to acquire any digital integrated circuit as a standard component for high density assembly, Accutek will employ the same technology to fill your specialized needs. Contact us for unique solutions requiring ZIP-mounted products for:

Linear/Analog ICs Any kind of semiconductor memory (SRAM, FIFO, EEPROM, EPROM, DRAM) PGA, PAL, GAL, FPLA, EPLD devices Multi-chip modules in any combination



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