Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AK5364096W
Description4 Meg X 36, 72 Pin Sim Module, 12-Chip Version
CompanyAccutek Microcircuit Corporation
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Features, Applications

The Accutek AK5364096W high density memory module is a CMOS Dynamic RAM organized x 36 bit words. The module consists of eight standard 4 Meg x 4 DRAMs and four 4 Meg x 1 DRAMs in plastic SOJ packages. The 4 Meg x 4 DRAMs are mounted on the front surface and the 4 Meg x 1 parity DRAMs are mounted on the back surface of a printed circuit board with a low profile height of only a 72 pin leadless SIM configuration. This configuration allows socket-mounting of large quantities of memory in applications where high density and ease of inserting additional memory are important. The operation of the AK5364096W is identical to eight x 4 plus four x 1 DRAMs. There are four CAS lines and two RAS lines. Independent byte control is accomplished by four CAS lines. Each separate CAS line controls two x 4 DRAMs, along with x 1 DRAM with data in tied to data out to form a 9 bit byte. The bank of 36 bits is controlled by the two RAS lines. An eighteen bit data path can be produced by connecting to DQ19, etc. and alternately strobing RAS0 with RAS2.

AK5364096W 4,194,304 Word by 36 Bit CMOS Dynamic Random Access Memory

x 36 bit organization Low profile board height of 0.875 inch 72 pad Single In-Line Module Multiple CAS and RAS lines allow or x36 bit widths Power: 7.92 Watt Max Active (60nS) 6.60 Watt Max Active (70 nS) 66 mW Max Standby CAS-before-RAS, RAS-only or hidden refresh

Single 5 Volt Power Supply 2048 Refresh Cycles, 32 mSEC Available in Fast Page Mode, EDO and Static Column Mode Available in leadless SIM or leaded ZIP versions Downward compatible with AK5361024W, AK536512W and AK536256W Upward compatible with AK5368192W Operating free air temperature to 700C

x 36 CMOS Dynamic RAM, SIM, Page Mode, Commercial 70nSEC Access Time

- PD4 Vcc Vss NC Address Inputs Data In/Data Out Column Address Strobe Row Address Strobe Write Enable Output Enable Presence Detect 5v Supply Ground No Connect

The numbers and coding on this page do not include all variations available, but are shown as examples of the most widely used variations. Contact Accutek if other information is required. ACCUTEK MICROCIRCUIT CORPORATION BUSINESS CENTER at NEWBURYPORT 2 NEW PASTURE ROAD, SUITE 1 NEWBURYPORT, MA 01950-4054 PHONE: 978-465-6200 FAX: 978-462-3396 E-Mail: Internet:

Package Type G = Single In-Line Package (SIP) S = Single In-Line Module (SIM) D = Dual In-Line Package (DIP) W =.050 inch Pitch Edge Connect Z = Zig-Zag In-Line Package (ZIP) Special Designation P = Page Mode N = Nibble Mode K = Static Column Mode W = Write Per Bit Mode V = Video Ram Separator - = Commercial M = Military Equivalent Screened I = Industrial Temperature Tested X = Burned In Speed (first two significant digits) DRAMS SRAMS 15 nS

Accutek reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time and without notice. Accutek does not assume any responsibility for the use of any circuitry described; no circuit patent licenses are implied. Preliminary data sheets contain minimum and maximum limits based upon design objectives, which are subject to change upon full characterization over the specific operating conditions.


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