Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AK61664Z
Description64K X 16, 40 Pin Zip Module
CompanyAccutek Microcircuit Corporation
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Features, Applications

The Accutek AK61664 SRAM Module consists of fast high performance SRAMs mounted on a low profile 40 pin ZIP PCB. The module utilizes two 28 pin x 4 SRAMs in 300 mil SOJ packages and two decoupling capacitor chips mounted on each side of a printed circuit board. The SRAMs are interconnected on the module to have common I/O functions, single output enable functions and common chip select. The modules can be supplied in a variety of access time values from 8 nSEC to 45 nSEC in CMOS or BiCMOS technology. The Accutek module is designed for the lowest height off the board, consistent with the availability of commonly available SRAM SOJ package configurations.


x 32 SRAM module in high density configuration 40 pin ZIP format Common I/O, single OE functions and common chip select CE Function Low height 0.500 inch ZIP maximum Fast Access Times range from 12 nSEC to 45 nSEC, CMOS or BiCMOS TTL compatible inputs and outputs Single 5 volt power supply Power (Typical) CMOS 3.2 Watt Active 1.2 Watt Standby Operating temperature range in free air, to 700C BiCMOS 4.8 Watt Active 1.3 Watt Standby

- DQ16 Vcc Vss NC Address Inputs Write Enable Output Enable Chip Select Data In/Data Out 5v Supply Ground No Connect

Product AK = Accutek Memory 2 Type 4 = Dynamic RAM 5 = CMOS Dynamic RAM 6 = Static RAM 3 Organization/Word Width 9 4 Size/Bits Depth = 4 MEG = 8 MEG = 1 MEG = 16 MEG 5 Package Type G = Single In-Line Package (SIP) S = Single In-Line Module (SIM) D = Dual In-Line Package (DIP) W =.050 inch Pitch Edge Connect Z = Zig-Zag In-Line Package (ZIP) 6 Special Designation P = Page Mode N = Nibble Mode K = Static Column Mode W = Write Per Bit Mode V = Video Ram 7 Separator - = Commercial M = Military Equivalent Screened I = Industrial Temperature Tested X = Burned In 8 Speed (first two significant digits) DRAMS SRAMS 20 nS The numbers and coding on this page do not include all variations available but are shown as examples of the most widely used variations. Contact Accutek if other information is required.


Accutek Reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time and without notice. Accutek does not assume any responsibility for the use of any circuitry described; no circuit patent licenses are implied. Preliminary data sheets contain minimum and maximum limits based upon design objectives, which are subject to change upon full characterization over the specific operating conditions.


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